Cause and Effect

George Carlin is quoted as saying:

“Just ’cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”


We should all consider this in regard to the governance of Lake Park. The Town Manager is gone, yet the same show will go on unless other changes are made.

It can be difficult to keep an eye on all three rings at once, as well as what’s flying overhead and what’s waiting in the wings to come out and perform next. However, it would be to our advantage to become familiar with the inner workings and behind the scenes plans so we begin to understand what could be done differently to improve the “show” here on the street where we live.

One way we can affect change under the big top at 535 Park Avenue is to rethink and rework the wording of the town’s go-to documents that dictate what can and can’t be done in our town.

Those still in leadership and those soon to come can have all the best intentions and a great desire to make the residents happy, but if our town code or charter or the ordinances that have been put into place to direct the “performers” are flawed, restrictive, skewed or ambiguous, then their hands will be tied and residents will not get what they’ve paid good money to enjoy.

Let’s look at the foundational documents that dictate our town policies and procedures. They are the effects that linger when leadership changes hands. Let’s consider those of us for whom they were written and perhaps make some changes that will give us, the paying customers, a reason to brag that we have the “greatest show on earth” going on here in Lake Park.

The article linked to below was sent to me some time ago by Brent Headberg. I have posted it before, but thought it would be appropriate to do so again at this time in light of the leadership concerns within Lake Park. If we can get our foundational documents up to par, we will need our leaders to understand their roles and perform them with the motives and character that result in a better community.

This was written by Robert Wilson and was published in the January/February 2010 issue of Professional Engineer Magazine. You’ll find wise counsel here on the matter of Leadership vs Power .