OK, So It’s Them Vs Us

By Guest Writer, Jim Lloyd

My poor brain is getting fried with the events in town politics of late. The Town Manager who was firmly in control of Town Hall is gone. One can still hear the collective sigh of relief within three blocks of Town Hall. (Many of us would have preferred it was dismissal with cause (charges), rather than resignation without cause (charges) saving us the additional $52k that Her three pet commissioners felt She deserved.) But that’s another story. Stay tuned.

The important facts are that she was allowed to escape with an additional $52k of our (the taxpayer’s) money (their bosses) and those “in charge” did not even have the beginnings of a plan as to what they were to do to replace Her. And so we had the pitiful spectacle Monday night where there was much flailing about, attempting to read the compass with the ship pitching wildly in a steep (and rising) beam sea. For you landlubbers out there… that means few if any on the dais had the slightest clue what the hell was going on, or what they should be doing to run the town legally and correctly.

The wise solution was to (they thought) (maybe) hire (temporarily) a temporary interim (I think that means temporary too) town manager. What? You got it! But I digress. The subject of what started out to be a simple blog here was… ever since I haltingly dipped my pinkies into the swirling waters of this hamlet’s town politics (as a member of the Maria-deleted Marina Advisory Board) the entire subject of One’s political leanings has (for some of us) been completely taboo. Well maybe it’s time we get honest.

For far too long, those who have attempted to run this town have been of the big-government-runs-your-life-and-therefore-give-us-all-your-money-for-doing-that-for-you political persuasion. Our little village has the SECOND highest millage tax rate in the county! And what are we getting for that? Laughable spectacles like Monday night??

Well Lake Parkers, come the elections next year, please do not forget who these folks were and what they have done to your wallet. There are those out there who still harbor blind loyalties. But stop and think for a moment. The occupy crowd (for example) riots and defecates in the streets against Wall Street greed. They rant a pro union solution. But what brought once world power Great Britain to third world status? The British labor unions would not recognize that the constant demands for increased benefits without increased productivity was a formula for failure.

Few on earth are bigger, richer, and greedier than organized labor. And they take your money (dues) without your consent. And those who call themselves liberal walk hand in hand. Name me a central government controlled regime in history that has succeeded. Nazi Germany? Mussolini’s Italy? The Soviet Union? Central Europe? Cuba? Alright, maybe I got carried away there a little bit, but my point is… that those with this central power philosophy have run Lake Park for too long.

It is time, my fellow Lake Parkers to declare your politics when you run. Next year, if you should decide to seek office locally, demand everyone establish their political philosophies publicly. Should we spend other people’s money (grants) without their knowledge or permission as fast as we can write the paperwork and grab it? Should we surround ourselves with political cronies being paid two, three, or four times what they could possibly be paid out in the real world?? Do we need a CRA? What has it really done? How much money has it really brought into the town’s pocket? And what about the CDC??? It was Maria’s best kept secret. Two million dollar budget? Maybe. Not a public entity? With a business address at 535 Park Ave??? And no answers for months to questioning citizens. Oh but it’s all on the town’s web site. Really Mr. Mayor? Then how about some answers.

And Maria’s leaving…if there was no cause, then why suddenly resign???? Folks, watch Ch.18 or better yet come out to a Commission meeting. We need to draw the lines in the sand. It’s them (who worked with and supported Maria) VS us, who feel a change is necessary for Lake Park to survive.

Oh, but we need to move on…to where? The poor house? Oh, but we need to work together. Really? When has it ever been other than a 3-2 vote on anything that counts? Don’t let the feel good phrases and fear of not being politically correct fool you into poverty. It IS them VS us. Make no mistake.

Thanks for your time in reading this. It was written by the new, kinder and gentler, non-abrasive Jim Lloyd…