Neighborhood Gathering Tonight

UPDATE: An additional item regarding Lake Shore Drive and the creation of a promenade may be added to the agenda this evening by the mayor in order to ask the commission to come to a CONSENSUS on the matter so he can relay this information to the County. Those who have thoughts and concerns regarding this need to attend and come prepared to speak on this item in case it is in fact, added to the agenda.  

Hope you’ll join us in welcoming Mr. Jamie Titcomb as Interim Town Manager tonight at Town Hall. (A vote on his contract will be held.) Sit in and get up to speed on the latest that’s going on in Lake Park. Better yet, join with your neighbors who will take the time to step up to the mic and share a word or two with the commission. The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. If you are unable to attend in person you can join in at home by watching on government access channel 18, but show up in person if you can. The more, the merrier!

As usual, there will likely be some well-formulated presentations by residents who have taken the responsibility upon themselves to watch over and affect what’s happening within the bounds of our fair town. I’m sure they’ll have some valuable ideas and contributions worthy of a listen. With their input and attention to the matters at hand, we’ll, no doubt, begin to see the restoration of the Jewel of the Palm Beaches.

The commission will be discussing a number of topics. You can preview the REVISED AGENDA for the evening by clicking the link HERE. The revised version includes the contract for Mr. Titcomb’s interim position as Town Manager.

It all gets underway tonight at 7:00 within the Town Hall Chambers!

I am still unable to open the town’s large PDF and it locks my computer up when I try to open it. Did anyone else download Adobe X and then find themselves having this trouble? I’ve been unable to find a fix on the Adobe site.