How Bad do They Want it?

Thanks to John Mede for sending the link to this article a couple of days ago: 66 Have Applied For Lake Worth City Manager . This gives a little insight into what may be coming our way.

Since the competition for TM jobs is looking steep out there, there is no reason our town should offer to pay anywhere near as much for our next Manager as we did when we hired Maria Davis. Seems to me, someone will be more than happy to take the job for a more reasonable salary, and without all the over the top perks and goodies added on. We need not acquiesce to any prima donna contractual demands either.

Not only will applicants be lining up ready to vie for this job, but the Lake Park Commission must be lined up equally ready to run the show and set the boundaries beginning ASAP with the understanding that the town holds the cards and has a prize of a job up for grabs; they can be as choosy as they want to be this go round. Let’s hope our commission shows they want it badly enough and set expectations that will balance the payout we decide upon.

Home values in this town have plummeted near to where they were about 20 years or so ago, at least those in my neighborhood have. The Lake Park economy is far removed from the freeflowing spigot of cash it led itself to believe would be there to sustain it seemingly indefinitely 5 years ago (it’s a lowflow faucet now) and the town needs to face this reality and begin to reevaluate and downsize salaries; first and foremost the Town Manager’s. The salaries of town employees should reflect the wherewithall of the people whom they serve and from whom that salary is derived. I know… try cutting salaries and benefits and we can plan to steel ourselves against quite the outcry. So be it. I’m sure there are many who would line up for a chance at those jobs. Talk about unsustainable. How come we rarely hear about “sustainability” in a straightforward manner where it makes sense… in the context of spending?

It will take some strong individuals to assess this situation and do the right thing. Let’s hope common sense reigns in the days to come. Our commission must take a strong lead. They must set concrete plans and limits right away as to what Lake Park is willing and able to offer a new town manager before the search is rammed into first gear and the pedal hits the floor and the excitement of some new candidate whisks them beyond rational limits. They need to set their feet in stone on this. Emotion and the desire to just be done with the process will, no doubt, tempt our town to let things get out of control. Let’s not fall for that this time.

Been there. Done that. Hope we learned something.