Respectability Covering for the Illegitimate

There is so much to learn from the way things used to be, even in the movies, especially those that come from the waaayback machine. I find them fascinating. The incidentals change, but the themes of history are on a continuous loop. Power and money are still to be found at the heart of all things insidious.

A friend knows I’m hooked on old movies and offered me Saboteur by Alfred Hitchcock the other day. I balked, being in the mood for something from another genre, but I stuck with it and found it worth the watch.

Nick the surface

The past and the present cross paths in this film. The same brand of saboteurs are still working behind the scenes to grab power and money, twisting the respectable sectors of society for illegitimate purposes. This runs like an undercurrent to our everyday lives just beneath the shiny surface of that which has been afforded a certain legitimacy. Some groups use “the unsuspecting and the vulnerable” to line their own pockets and garner votes, securing their power at the expense of “useful idiots”. All that “green goodness”, “sustainability”, “government grants”, and the money funnels that comprise many programs “for the children” and “the poor”, are a few that come to mind first and foremost, but the list is getting longer by the day. One needs do little more than nick the surface of many of these “commendable” efforts to expose a reality that is less than praiseworthy. Obviously not all, but many work counter to America’s best interests, provided cover by the seeming “goodness” of the program, the “charity” or the status of the political office. We have seen this throughout history and it is unveiled as well in the movie Saboteur.

The movie of our time will be made one day. People will finally recognize the meaning behind the charades. It’ll be too late…but I suppose they’ll eventually get it. If you are unsure, start reading, become informed and go in wide-eyed, disenchanting as it may be at first. Better to know the truth and be alert to what you are supporting. Start nicking the surface and familiarizing yourself with the backstory of what you are furthering with your time, money and your vote. Follow the money and the groups associated with whatever the apparently “respectable” association is. If you find true depth of commendability, wonderful, support those programs and organizations. But do your homework, investigate and know before you join “the cause” du jour.

Here’s a clip from Saboteur which has been described as Hitchcock’s attempt to garner American support for the war effort. The movie is brimming with American Pride. Click the image, and then when you get to the little video, click on that. It will expand and begin playing. It’s a 44 second clip wherein the veil is lifted and the man on the chair admits his intent (Much of his speech about his desire to secure power and money and his totalitarian aims is left out of this clip. This edited version focuses on Barry Kane’s speech.) Spoiler alert: This does let you in on something that will spoil a scene that occurs fairly early on in the film.

Barry Kane sounds like some folks I know.

Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) speaking to Charles Tobin (Otto Kruger) in the Universal film, Saboteur, directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1942). The battle America faces today is a throwback to something we’ve been fighting for a very long time.