Sucker Punch

Heaven knows, we all want to believe in what we’re doing, that everything will work out fine. I posted a movie clip yesterday that portrays the attitude some of us hope to embody as we go after the underlying problems not only in our town but also in regard to what is happening in our country.

We see the way things are and the way they should be in some regards. We are willing to take a stand for something and we rally around the cause and intend to fight to uphold the rights with which God has endowed us. We strive to maintain an attitude and a faith in what we are doing that demonstrates the principles that are at the core of what we believe. But the brazen truth doesn’t come on schedule merely on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Often it sneaks around and hits like a blunt force blow to the side of the head… on the off day. It’s cold, hard and it can take us down in an instant. Believe, hope, have faith…sure, but steel yourself to watch out for the naked truth lurking around you. It’s on the job 24/7. We don’t like to see it, we get tired of looking at it. We want to believe all will be well, and just live as if it is and always will be, but that would be to our detriment.


This is where discipline comes in. Discipline puts our feel good inspriation to the test. It steels us against reality when its blunt force aims to knock us to the floor, rifle through our pockets and steal what belongs to us. Discipline trains us to see and hear what others might be ignorant of. So what are we doing to discipline ourselves to withstand the continued blows to our liberty and prosperity that I assure you are coming and not necessarily just by way of Lake Park’s town policies? Stealth attacks will leave us sprawled out and wondering what just happened if we aren’t willing to face the brutal truth of what’s going on around us in our homes, our town and our nation.

Are we doing our homework, strengthening ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually to back up our desire to stand strong? Do we know history and what’s actually playing out around us today? Do we know the little things that are chipping away at our rights and freedoms slowly and stealthily? It’s easier to fight the good fight with passion when the threat is obvious, in our face or challenging us visually and verbally. But there is much that is going on outside of our peripheral. We need to keep watch on all sides. Without discipline, we will find ourselves disengaged from the reality of the danger when we most need to be on guard and confront it.

We all want to take a break and chill out, but all sorts of fights come along without provocation when we least expect them, and we may be standing all alone when they do. Without “the group” to back us up, how will we fare when that unsightly naked reality comes to call? It’s a natural reaction to turn our heads and avert butt-ugly truth. Don’t fall for that. Discipline yourself. Work to maintain eye contact. Stare down the threat. You stand a much better chance to overcome that which you look right in the eye.

Whether it’s in regard to Lake Park, The United States of America, your elected officials, or even your spouse, your kids, your friends or while minding your business in a “free country”, you will find yourself the victim of a sucker punch at some point if you do not keep an eye on the unpleasant and menacing certainties that are milling about. Stand with your feet firmly planted, ready to take them on.

I’m not sure who said it first, but it’s good to remember no matter who coined the phrase…

There are two pains in life, the pain of discipline…and the pain of regret.

Don’t forget it. Maintain your strength. Keep working.