Paradise Awaits

It’s the perfect time of year to be outside on the waterfront as the sun goes down…Don’t miss the paradise right out your own front door and down the street at the intracoastal this very evening.

Clear skies, pleasant temperatures and a tempting breeze will unfold for your enjoyment down by the water’s edge. The opportunity is yours to unwind from a busy week at the Lake Park Marina and Pier. Food, drinks, arts and crafts vendors, music and good company await. Sit and have a bite to eat, wander by the waterside, enjoy the visual display or purchase a handcrafted piece of jewelry or artwork. Whether you’re a people watcher, a nature lover or you’re just hungry, the Marina is the place to go to press “pause” and begin a leisurely weekend.

As the lights dim to the West, the setting sun paints a colorful display across the sky worthy of an reverent ooh and an ahhh. The light show carries on in every direction and continues even as the sun takes a bow. Turn back to the East and another living, breathing masterpiece is in the spotlight at the pier and across the intracoastal.

Boats glide along, “birds” of all kinds fade in and out of the scene…

…and a variety of characters will all be in place to weave the sunset tale.

Buildings across the intracoastal will dazzle onlookers with “fire in the windows” and fisherman with baited hooks will lean on the rails, waiting for a tug on their lines under the glow of lamplight… lines cast across a moving, ever-changing watercolor.

If you want to unwind, moody musings will be drawn in the ripples that float off under the lights of dusk, and the sound of the tide lapping against the boats and the music drifting through the cool night air and across the water will lend that island vibe to get your weekend off on the relaxing note you need.

Your very own South Florida Paradise awaits just a stone’s throw away this evening. The celebration begins at 6:00… and parking is free. Don’t miss out!