Planting New Roots

Here are a couple of stories relevant to trends in Lake Park. These are from other parts of the country (California & Texas), one about redevelopment (think CRA) and one about out of control, progressive municipal officials. Both stories are pretty short and show us that there are others out there who are also rethinking the way their towns have been operating. They too are working to restore their municipalities after years of failed big government attempts to spend, spend and spend some more, which has only landed those towns in debt and placed a government stranglehold on the residents through the implementation of their policies. This has, however, provided plenty for a select few in power (and helped them maintain that power) and has padded the pockets of their associates as well.

Having used our money and the authority we have allowed them, our leaders have leveraged their power to their advantage, solidified their policies and planted liberal roots, from which we will continue to harvest a crop of rotten fruit. If left unchecked, we will have a withering town, and it will become barren, too far gone to bring back to flourishing life. We’ve been left hungry for something more satisfying and healthy in terms of the atmosphere in which we live and in regard to the fiscal outcome which currently has left our pockets wanting. We don’t have to put up with this, you know.

The End of Redevelopment… in California?– Makes getting rid of the CRA in Lake Park seem quite possible.

Liberal Pandemonium – (language alert) This author has a habit of using the “f” word, among others, in her stories which I’m not a fan of, and I don’t always agree with her perspective, but this story has Lake Park’s “name” on it. You can tell she feels our pain in regard to her mayor and the progressive takeover, not only of her city, but towns like ours across the country. It’s in the municipalities like ours, and the county governments for that matter, that the progressives are digging in and changing the culture of our country. Yet, here at home is the one place we can have a decided influence if we just make an effort.

The Election is Coming

This author’s story also reminds me…we have an election coming up early next year. We need to get the ball rolling as far as recruiting some people to run, and we need to start early getting the word out about whoever the candidates will be.

It’s time for Lake Park to stop watering the current agenda which has left us with “crummy crops” in Lake Park. We’ve tried it their way and it has not worked. We need small government individuals who will come together as a team in town leadership, roll up their sleeves, think things through, listen to the residents, and do the hard and dirty work of rooting out the faulty policies that have set Lake Park up for a harvest of unhealthy town life now and in the future. We need individuals who will rethink and plant strong positive new roots in our town so we can flourish again and do so for years and years to come.