Thanks, but no Thanks…

Here’s a story the Lake Park Town Commission, the Town Manager and numerous town employees might want to take to heart.

Thanks but no Thanks, Tea Party Mayor Rejects Grant

Please pay attention: We don’t have to say “yes” to grants. Rather we can and should be saying “YES!” to fiscal responsibility and “YES!” to wise choices about what we do or do not indenture ourselves to as a town both financially, politically and culturally. These choices have a direct bearing upon our freedom. Don’t we want to carry on without added burdens that will come to us in the form of costs and conditions of those grants?

Those who fall for the trick and reach out to get “something for nothing”  are under the thumb of those who have the power and clout to use grant money as a means of implementing policies and structure they would like us to live by and within. Who are the people writing these grants? What ARE the conditions written into the grants that we have to abide by if we accept? What is the long term effect financially and upon our town’s mentality? Are we creating a welfare community mindset as a result? Will we begin to feel more entitled to hand outs and become less concerned about creating a prosperous town from the work of our hands and the assets we have on hand? Will we spend more and more town time and paperwork seeking out which government agency we can “hit up” next to get something just because it’s “free”? Are the leaders of Lake Park really that gullible, lazy and easily duped? Don’t they want something better for Lake Park than to stand in a never-ending handout line or barking like seals for free fish, always at the behest of someone with their own agenda? When they do this, they are denying our town’s intrinsic value and ability to make the most of it.

Mayor Janice Daniels and the city council of Troy, Michigan should be an example to us. They are yet another in a growing group of towns wising up to the ruse of big government grants that are never actually free.

Where should we get our fish?

We’ve discussed this many times on The Street Where You Live. See the previous post: What’s Under the Bait for one example. It looks like others across the nation are onto the truth and are willing to stand firm in matters of fiscal responsibility. Let this be a reminder that we too can relearn to catch our own fish rather than to have them “given” to us at a hefty price. The city of Troy, MI is rejecting the premise that a grant is “free money”. They have felt the stinging reality of what comes along with grants and are refusing the bait. The grant ruse is out in the open. The “something for nothing” bait and switch is being called into question regularly now across the nation. How long will it take Lake Park to find its way to reality on this issue?

According to Becket Adams, who wrote the article:

“It’s about creating a culture where taxpayer money isn’t handed out and consumed like Halloween candy.”

Well said. So whether it’s fish or candy we’re after, we need to grow up and go earn our own, Lake Park. We’ll all be freer, stronger and more prosperous as a result. Isn’t that what we are after?