The Adult in the Room

Here is a follow up article to the one I posted last week regarding the Troy, MI mayor and city council who chose not to accept Federal money for their city. (From, written by Becket Adams) Tea Party Mayor Tells The Blaze About The Recall Effort Against Her

When the grown ups stand firm and set boundaries, you can bet the usual suspects are gonna cross their arms, stomp their feet, begin calling names and use an arsenal of tricks to get their way.

After all, these people are serious about what they’re after. It’s not only about getting what they consider “free money”; it’s a power struggle much like that between a parent and their child going through the terrible twos. Problem is, if you don’t discipline and stand your ground early on, you are in for a lifetime of pain.

Does Lake Park want to be under the thumb of the people whose hands are forever using other people’s money to pay for goodies, which they in turn will use later to convince the gullible how caring and giving they are? If we want to be out from under the dictates of these people, we have to become just as serious, just as determined and just as enthusiastic about standing on our own two feet as individuals, as a town, county, state and a nation. That means putting the cabosh on the “government” money (read, “our” money) handouts. It all comes out of taxpayers’ pockets anyway. Free money is a fairytale.

Yes, it takes an adult to lead responsibly under the accusations of “big meany!” being shouted from the floor, but what’s worse? Would you rather face the short-lived anger that will come our way when people realize they have to grow up, or be a town that continues into perpetuity with a dependent, spoiled, childlike mentality created by living off of handouts instead of growing strong through the work of our own hands? Would we rather be an autonomous fortress or weaklings clinging to the government’s hand like fully grown children, still dependent upon and consequently subject to, those in positions of power? If they give it, they can also take it away. How much do you value your freedom?

Who will raise their hand to take on the chore of being the adult in the room? It’s hard work becoming self-sufficient, grown up, responsible, but highly worth it. We need leaders who understand that handouts come at great cost and they place us under someone else’s control. We have to set boundaries and maintain our position without wavering or flinching, even when the tantrums, the name-calling, the threats and the manufactured outrage begin. Don’t expect those who like being taken care of to thank you now.

They have to grow up first. We can help by saying “no” to the “free money” fallacy.