Message From An Indicted Judge and Likely Congressman for Life

Tomorrow on The Street Where You Live: Notes from a Commission Meeting

John Fund, an author, Fox News Analyst and senior editor for the American Spectator is coming to Palm Beach County on Monday night, March 12th at the Palm Beach Republican Club at The Colony, 155 Hammon Ave. The event will be held from 6-8 p.m., and is $60 for members and $65 for nonmembers. John Fund will hold a book signing of his work, “Stealing Elections – How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy”, after the event. The book can be purchased for $20.00.

If you would like information on the event, you can find the link to the John Fund event at

I mention this because two days ago I received the letter below in my email from Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL). He has made the latest use of his time in office to rail on Republicans, branding them as big meanies (my words, see my post The Adult in the Room for more on this tactic). His highly charged accusations in the letter come about as a result of Governor Rick Scott trying to protect the voting process. If Mr. Hastings had his way, which he is pulling out the stops to do, minorities, women, seniors, college students, etc. would help him do something about the voting law (HB 1355) in order to save themselves from the “War on Voting” (his words). Seriously, Mr. Hastings? Just wow. He implores everyone to fear, fear, fear common sense rules about elections meant to protect this vital American right and responsibility upon which our elections hinge.

Please write to this Congressman and let him know “you aren’t buying what he’s selling”. Let him know you support this voting law and protections for the electoral process.

What Alcee Hastings is really trying to do is work up his constituents by using a typical progressive narrative. It’s heavy on phrases such as: “voting rights trampled”, “under attack”, “disenfranchised voters”, “discrimination”, “war on voting”, “attack on the most fundamental right of our democracy”. But then, distraction from the truth with fear and intimidation is what these people do.

Just for fun, how many distortions, misrepresentations and out and out lies can you spot in the letter below? This is the first communication I have ever received from his office. I have to say I’m glad he sent it; it’s good to know what he’s trying to pull. I suppose, being a woman, I must be in the target group of those he considers an easy mark for his brand of propaganda. Making voting procedures as flimsy as possible is a big deal to the left.

Looks like he’s worried that those in the progressive left who’ve had their hands on election operations might be losing that controlling edge. Conservative Warrior, Andrew Breitbart, who sadly passed away this week, helped defund and hinder ACORN until it began popping back up under new names. Now some of the tricks that used to propel politicians into office fraudulently, are being acknowledged and rooted out. Thank goodness for Rick Scott and those who are making efforts to protect the system from scammers. Thank goodness for all those who are working to make sure the voting process is as secure as we can get it. We are still fighting an uphill battle. Early voting and vote by mail have created opportunity enough for fraud, but Mr. Hastings seems intent on making the procedure even less secure. And worse, we are told voting protections are to be feared, by Alcee Hastings and his friends on the left. From what he says in this letter, he doesn’t seem to have a concern in the world about fraud. From that, one should be led to question why.

Watch out for this guy. Can you count the ways he is twisting the truth below? He needs to go, but fat chance of that. The least we can do is point out what he is up to.

Here is Mr. Hastings’ letter:

March 6, 2012

Voting Law Changes: Your Rights Are Under Attack

There is a “War on Voting” in this country and, wherever you live, you need to be paying close attention. The Constitution protects voters from discrimination, but that protection is being challenged in states across the nation, and making it harder for people to vote.

In dozens of state legislatures, the new and expanded Republican majorities are pushing and even enacting policies that are proven to lead to the disfranchisement of eligible voters. When asked why, the proponents of these bills always claim that they are needed to prevent voter fraud. When asked for examples of such fraud, however, they go silent. Occasionally, we hear allegations of the dead voting but find that the voter is actually still alive, as happened recently in Kansas, or died after casting his ballot, as we saw in South Carolina in January. The simple fact is that there is no evidence of the kind of in-person voter fraud that these laws are supposedly designed to prevent.

But we know that the laws will deny eligible voters of their constitutionally protected right to vote because such laws have done so in the past. Whether it is requiring identification to cast a ballot, drastically reducing or altogether eliminating early voting periods, or throwing arbitrary and unnecessary regulations into the registration process, the only outcome of the “War on Voting” is the inevitable turning away of eligible voters.

On May 19th, Governor Rick Scott signed into law HB 1355, a bill attacking the most fundamental right of our democracy: the right to vote. Take for instance the teacher that organized a voter registration drive for students at New Smyrna Beach High School. She received a warning letter from the State informing her that her registration drive was in violation Governor Scott’s new law, and that she was potentially facing thousands of dollars in fines. All she was trying to do was register her high school students to vote, the same as teachers across the state often do, yet she wound up caught in these new restrictive requirements. These are the kinds of real people who suffer the consequences of when bad laws are drafted to address problems that do not exist.

In essence, Florida Republicans, under the leadership of Governor Scott, have passed a broad, sweeping law containing a number of measures that I believe will limit access to the polls for minorities, seniors, and college students. For example, H.B 1355 limits voting on the Sunday before Election Day, traditionally when many minorities vote. It also disenfranchises voters that move frequently like students and young professionals, by putting an end to a voter’s ability to change his or her address at the polls if the voter has moved recently from one county to another and did not update his or her address before the election. Thousands of voters who traditionally change their address at the polls will no longer be able to ensure that their vote is counted.

The bill also reduces the number early voting days, the preferred time to vote for a large percentage of seniors. These early voters do so because of circumstances like a lack of access to transportation on Election Day and jobs that do not provide time off to vote. Cutting back on the number of early voting days significantly impacts these Floridians, fifty-two percent of whom were registered Democrats in 2008.

We cannot sit idly by and let a fundamentally flawed law turn the clock back on 40 years of progress. We have not come this far only to have our fundamental voting rights trampled on. This cannot be ignored.

We must work together to strengthen our nation’s democracy and ensure that the voting rights of all Americans are protected.


There you have it. Sad but true. This man not only holds political office, but in turn holds sway over many, especially as he has the venue and the power of his office to send this deception and misdirection out by email to his constituents, many of whom depend on him to feed them his own brand of “truth” about the world of legislation. If there weren’t so many “useful idiots” out there, I wouldn’t be concerned with people buying into this. But sadly, an uninformed populace, fed on the mainstream media complex who are shills for the left, will be deceived.

I suggest that Mr. Hastings, were he to care to know the truth about voter fraud, as well as anyone else who is interested, check out John Fund’s book “Stealing Elections – How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy”. Mr. Hastings claims in this letter that there is no evidence of fraud. Hmmm…maybe he should do a little research before making such claims. He considers presenting identification in order to vote as a bad thing. Now, that’s frightening! Compare this to what Mr. Fund has uncovered through his extensive research, especially in light of the baseless accusations made by Mr. Hastings in this letter about the new law. In the end, the whole point of his effort is to make sure those on the left, like himself, are able to maintain their office in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Mr. Hastings, who has been named One of Washington’s Most Corrupt Politicians by Judicial Watch has much to worry about. He seems to be set to be congressman for life if the past is any indicator of the future.