What About Dem Judges?

Written by Jim Lloyd

Well, here we go again. (Don’t you know you never begin an essay with “well”?) In the last few days I’ve read articles on judges in this “land of the free, because of the brave” which gave me pause.

First we had a judge in Pennsylvania (the only reason I can spell it is because I was born there not so many years ago) (stop that chuckling out there right now!) (I mean it!) He ruled that a Muslim man who attacked a marcher in a Halloween parade dressed as a “zombie Muhammed” was NOT guilty of assault because Muslims are more fervent in their religious beliefs and therefore more offended than, say, the Catholics along the parade route who saw a zombie Pope walking with the previously mentioned “Zombie Muhammed”. (WHAT?!)

(And I don’t watch the “news” on tv so when I refer to Katie Couric as a representative of the non-news media, please forgive my outdated reference.) SO WHY HASN”T “KATIE” MENTIONED THIS ONE DAMNED TIME AT SIX O’CLOCK PM?) This is such a blatant example of reverse discrimination possible only with a ultra left-leaning, pro Muslim occupant in our White House!! (Calm down, Jim) No apologies, no “excuse me’s, maybe I screwed up… and the whole sorry ruling COMPLETELY IGNORED BY “KATIE” with her cute little anti-American grin.

Case number two…a judge (who admittedly is NOT a fan of B. Hussein Obama) passed along an email to six friends which was indelicate re: the current occupant of our White House and more specifically, his mama. He is sending a formal apology (whatever happened to freedom of speech?) and has ordered a review of his actions. Folks, have we EVER heard of a lefty THAT dedicated to his office? And again, “Katie” and her crew HAVE reported on this judge.

So there we are. The nation is facing an election and the media absolutely has no idea of the definition of “Journalism”. If we could bring back a few of the Founding Fathers for ten minutes, they would rule out “freedom of the press” as a bad idea in these times. The fact is that this great nation was founded on the traditional Judeo-Christian principles that founded Western European culture and led the world from the Crusades to the twentieth century. Not Sharia Law. And we cannot remain silent and passive on this critical issue another day. And the media has already helped elect a completely unqualified person to the Presidency. We must not let them do it again.