The Street Where You Haven’t Lived in Decades

Written by Jim Lloyd

Just got word last week that a favorite Aunt of mine passed on. She was my Dad’s younger sister, Helen, affectionately known as “Honey” in the family. Her passing got me thinking about the small hamlet in northwest Pennsylvania where my folks lived when I was born.

My grandfather, whose parents immigrated from Wales (by following the laws and standing in line at Ellis Island) to mine coal in western PA, volunteered to serve in WWI (along with his boyhood chum Jimmy Clarkin, both age 16) (having lied about their ages to the authorities) (both to escape the drudgery of a life of coal mining and to have a great adventure)
left their boyhood home at this train depot. 

Having gone through training and arriving in France (have They ever THANKED us ?), they were put into combat and shortly thereafter, Jimmy was blown to bits by a German mortar. Gramps (as we called him affectionately in all my memory), was said to have said that he would call his firstborn son after his buddy (therefore Jimmy Clarkin Lloyd}, my Dad, James Clarkin Lloyd, having volunteered to serve in the 7th Air Corps in November, 1941, boarded a train at the same depot to eventually arrive at Hickam Air Force base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii just months after the attack. So I’m James Clarkin Lloyd II and I’ve never ridden a train out of that tiny depot. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a train. But it amazes me that the same tiny train depot is still standing to this day, and available to view on Google Maps.

My Grandfather and my Father both went to war from this little depot in a tiny hamlet in Northwestern Pennsylvania. I grew up there for the first 8 years of my life. And having walked by that little building almost every day of my life back then, had no idea of it’s significance.

America has SO changed. The current occupant of our White House would have NO idea of the emotions of this story. His father was an international communist organizer who hated this country, and his mother and her parents were communists who hated this country and everything that it stood for.

Lake Parkers, think! Think before you vote! Think about this country’s history and values. The three that are running our little town (Rumsey, Stevens, & DuBois) are responsible for our living in the 2nd highest tax base in the county! They do not represent the values that I’ve discussed here. Lake Park (and our Country) cannot come back with them and theirs in office.