Boil Water Order Rescinded

I didn’t get the news about the boil water order that Seacoast imposed until late yesterday. It was originally expected to be in effect through Sunday. If you were privy to that information in time to have it do you any good, you can relax; the order has been rescinded. 

This little foray into going without water at the ready, even for washing dishes and brushing teeth, etc. and needing to boil it for everything, just reinforced the knowledge that we need to be well-prepared for any emergency. A simple breach in a water line can easily affect tens of thousands of us and can really put us in a bind.

This was just a little reminder/warning that things can happen without warning and have an effect on your day to day life. Keep emergency supplies on hand, especially food and water. This time it was a break in a line due to construction, next time it could be something that lasts longer and involves your food and power supply as well. It doesn’t have to be nefarious forces at work; even simple errors, breaks in the system and malfunctions can leave a dependent people in the dark and in a pickle, to put it mildly.

Be prepared. A time will come when you will be glad you are. See previous post linked here: Make MacGyver Jealous, for more on preparedness.