The St. Pat Shuffle

Written by Jim Lloyd

I married a gal 38 years ago whose maiden name was Gallagher. She was one of 10 siblings (5 boys, 5 girls), and from that day to this, St. Patrick’s Day took on a whole new significance.

We attended St. Pat’s parties. We threw St. Pat’s parties. We dyed dogs, kids, and various body parts green. We drank green beer and green cocktails. I scrambled green eggs and served them up with toast with green butter for YEARS. So last Saturday, after an unholy absence of several years, an Irish fair returned to Kelsey Park! We were hosting a few hundred friends at our condo and decided to walk two blocks north and join in the fun. (And GOD bless you Edie for all your work both with the kids in town and bringing this tradition back to Kelsey Park.)

We walked around soaking up the ambience and having fun until… whoops… what is that? At two booths in close proximity to each other right in the middle of everything… political yard signs for Stevens and for DuBois stood. We did our best St. Pat shuffle right back home.

I’d like to think Edie did not know this would happen. But why did it? Has the Dubois/Stevens ticket hit the panic button and opted for rushed stop gap measures to assure Lake Park that they really are good guys? At a St. Patrick’s Day fair in Kelsey Park on a beautiful Saturday, why were unsuspecting citizens subjected to THIS?

Along with those answers, please explain why the disgraced former town manager resigned at the height of her nearly unlimited self-imposed power, and the former finance director (who was actually sighted there) resigned within 48 hours of official notice of investigation by Tallahassee? Now they owe us a new explanation… who planted these signs there and why? Was it those commission members who waived the fees for this event and waved it in under the auspices of being for the children? Lake Parkers, there’s a big election next year. DO NOT FORGET!