Making Plans

Coming up:

Saturday:  Florida BBQ Challenge – Park Avenue – 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Friday is a setup day, not the actual event) See our March 20th post, Florida BBQ Challenge in Lake Park for more information.

Tuesday: Monumental, the Movie – Cobb Theaters, Downtown at the Gardens – Showtime 7:30

Monumental traces the heroic and harrowing travels of the early Pilgrims and encounters the unlikely men and women who risked everything for liberty. Experience the stories of faith that guided education, government and civic life and hear from inspiring leaders on simple and practical ways to keep America’s ideals alive, beginning at home. Join us for this high-energy patriotic event that will unite audiences in a celebration of America’s story of faith and freedom!

Isn’t it interesting that since this movie was made and scheduled to come out around the country that the left has gone overboard trying to discredit Kirk Cameron and create controversy where none exists. Be wise to what the media is feeding you. It’s time to stand up for those who exemplify strong moral character and who seek to do something positive for our country…not to mention provide something of value to the movie-going public. Attend this event and be a part of the resurgence of quality entertainment that uplifts and inspires, and discover America’s National Treasures in the process. Truly a family and community event!

Telling it like it is

Now, if you just want to see a good 3 minute display of blatant common sense, enjoy this clip of MEP, Godfrey Bloom at the European Parliament, and watch to the end. Take heed, Lake Park. Before we know it, we will be in the midst of our town’s budget negotiations again. Perhaps there is a lesson for us in here.

You scoundrels!