A View From the Street Where He Lives

One of our readers, George Tanguay, has obliged my request for images and sent in some fabulous Marina-view photographs. I will likely post more of them throughout the course of the week. Once you’ve seen them in this larger format, I’ll create a slideshow or place some of them on the sidebar so they remain up for view to enjoy for a while.

Images courtesy of George Tanguay ~

Today, it’s a chamber of commerce kind of morning in Lake Park…the sun has come out in a show of force and sent yesterdays dark clouds and their menacing glare off in another direction.

Temperatures starting out in the 60’s are expected to head into the low 80’s… the stuff our trademark South Florida paradise is made of.

Although the storm photos below weren’t taken during yesterday’s downpour, they remind me of that sky and the ensuing storm (minus the funnel cloud). It was a welcome rain yesterday though, unless you happened to get caught in it (which I oh-so-narrowly-missed, thank goodness).

Here is a beautiful look at the ominous storm of another day and the resulting reconciliation as a rainbow steps in to remind us there is hope for beautiful days to come, as photographed from the Lake Park Harbor Marina by George Tanguay.

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We have some talented folks in Lake Park. Thank you, George! Our readers love this town and have a great desire to see it operating at premium efficiency, taken care of at every level and preserved for generations to come. If we continue to work together, this will become a reality.
More images to come in the days ahead…