Who Do You Want at The Wheel?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want just anyone at the wheel when I’m in the car. There’s a lot riding on who’s in the driver’s seat. And that goes for the Town of Lake Park as well.

Please keep in mind that elections will be held for our fair waterside community early next year. Who will end up in the driver’s seat? We hope you’ll consider what you can do with the talents you have at your disposal in order to influence that decision for the better during the process of picking Lake Park’s next town operators. It may be that YOU want to run for that office yourself or  that you will get out there and help elect candidates who know how to drive, those who will protect and preserve this historic gem of a town with their ability to read a roadmap, assess the road hazards, and steer us in the right direction.

As more plans are brought forth for various projects from the Marina Village to the possibility of a Tri-rail station making its home here, to a push for Bioscience and annexation of neighboring areas, to the influx of sober houses and the “urbanization” of our town (to name a few), those in leadership will have a huge say in what happens to our little town. As we have seen, the balance of power and the mindset of those elected radically affects the culture of Lake Park. The culture and mindset morph as structure is implemented which defines who we will be, how residents and businesses are allowed to live their lives and how they will conduct their livelihoods. That balance of power also decides whether or not Lake Park prospers or deteriorates.

Assess Your Skills – (We know you’ve got some!)

Skills of every variety will be needed in the days to come. If you are interested in seeking the office of commissioner or you just want to help during campaign season, please let us know. Lake Park needs responsible individuals who will take a common sense approach to smaller government and conservative principles. Strength, determination and leadership capabilities are in great demand. If you aspire to get in there and steer our town toward a better destination, let us know. We just want everyone to do something; no one person needs to take everything on themselves. Once we have some candidates on hand, we’ll need organized individuals who can coordinate things. We’ll need graphic and printing skills and those who can donate time and money. We’ll need someone with a media “in”, and we’ll need people with the gift of gab to provide their expertise and get out there to talk to people and work the phones. Together we’ll be able to challenge those who are currently trying to drive our town using an upside down roadmap.

Take a look around, consider the direction that the life, culture, and the traditions on the street where you live are headed. Decide what you are going to do about it. If you shrug your shoulders and leave it to someone else, what do you expect to get? Where do you think you’ll end up? The street where you live is an extension of the home in which you live; step out the door and there it is. The area of the town of Lake Park is 2.3 square miles. What happens in this town is close enough to affect each of us, whether you live or own a business to the North, South, East or West of Town Hall. The money spent (and what it’s spent on) by those in charge is your money, and how much of it is spent is decided by those who are elected. The grants accepted, along with their conditions, can put all of us in a compromising position and they often oppose what many of us believe is wise. Do you trust others you don’t know to care for your home or your business and to tell you what you can do with your property and your money? Is the town investing in an atmosphere that respects traditional values or is it taking us on a sketchy alternate route?

Steering This Town

Take some time. Think it through. There is much to consider. Take no chances with your home-sweet-home. The next election will have huge consequences. When you look around, you’ll see quite clearly where our choices have taken us already. Moving forward is all well and good if the direction those in charge are taking us is where we want to go. But those who don’t know how to read a roadmap and who just want to barrel along and keep going (PROGRESS!), despite the fact they’ve clearly taken a wrong turn, will just continue to take us further from where we want to be. At that point, moving forward means we are just going further off course. Careless drivers are dangerous drivers. It’s time to put the brakes on and fill the driver’s seats of our town’s dais with responsible operators who have a clear and wise sense of direction.

If you know how to drive, please consider running for the job to help steer this town. Times-a-wastin’. Let’s get the show on the road.