Welcoming Civil Disobedience to Lake Park

Written into the Story of Lake Park ~

It was June of last year before the special election that I came to grasp a bit of what was playing out in Lake Park. I had begun reading all the commission meeting minutes for the year, and even some prior, to get a clear sense of exactly what had transpired to bring things to where they were, to understand the tone of the narrative being presented, the template for the future that was being written and the broader scheme being set into motion by those at the helm of power. I read it like a story, for that’s exactly what the meeting minutes of our town are – the story of Lake Park – and boy is it an intriguing one. (And the writing of our Town’s story is one good reason to make sure meeting minutes are detailed and this history is not lost, rewritten or incorrectly spun.)

Every other week the cast of characters, along with the storyline that was being performed on the stage of our town came complete with all the drama you would expect from the best of writers. The unfolding story made me bristle, but not because of the drama…uh, uh. That was this show’s trademark draw. The dramatics held my attention and exposed the characters from each side of the struggle for who they were and kept me reading page after page, unable to look away, lest I miss the next installment of the rather intriguing tale. I bristled because of the transformation that was underway.

Truth or Agenda?

The undoing of my town appeared to be taking place, and the town leaders were duking it out (verbally) in the public square… as they should, I might add. Forget all this “let’s just get along” nonsense. Capitulation to someone who insists others “Sit down and shut up” only invites unchecked power to a few and an open door to wrongdoing. This back and forth also lets us know who’s who, who wants to silence speech and who welcomes honest debate to get to the truth. Yes…Who wants the truth and who just has an agenda. Debate, discussion, an open airing of ideas…point and counterpoint, that’s what we need, even if it means things get a little ugly. Sorry, folks, that’s life. The struggle between good and evil is no garden party, and we have a struggle on our hands. To me, seeing there actually was a struggle meant there was hope. Someone was still out there willing to stand up and fight for what was right. Without that back and forth, we would have little clue as to what was going on and what was being enacted.

The characters whom I immediately pegged as the “antagonists” in this tale truly ticked me off and kept me cheering for those who were taking a beating for standing for what was right. The “good guys” weren’t backing down no matter how many attempts were made to knock them down. They did their homework, they called out the opposition, and they persisted in digging into the facts, asking questions which made the other side very uncomfortable. Hmmm…I wonder why… The antagonists seemed indignant that their self-imporant schemes were being hindered. What was bothersome was what was being worked into the structure of our town by those in majority, under the direction of the Town Manager, someone they seemed to follow lockstep.

June 1st, 2011

As I read, a particular set of meeting minutes caught my eye. On top of all else that had illuminated the character of certain individuals in office, the minutes of June 1, 2011 pulled back the curtain to some of what was going on under the radar without question by residents. Thank goodness one commissioner stepped in to bring it briefly to light.

In one of the discussions at that June meeting, a grant was up for a vote. Thanks to one of our town heroes, Jeanine Longtin (one of the minority on the commission who reads and considers the details and ramifications of what is brought before her for a vote) questions were frequently raised about what was going on, this time in regard to the conditions written into the tedious structure of a grant. The grant was for something related to housing within the framework of the Urban Entitlement banner which flies high in Palm Beach County in order to attract “free money” from the government at every turn. Those who hold the grant money purse strings don’t hand out that cash for nothing. They expect to be paid for their services; they expect something in return, and they get it in the form of us relinquishing to them more and more of our freedoms.

When I read the condition Ms. Longtin was addressing, I thought… What. The. Heck?! Are you kidding me!? WHO writes something like this into the conditions of a grant and WHY? Being as I read a lot and am following what is going on, I could hear the foreboding music playing in the background in relation to this grant condition. I was appalled! Framework was being put into place, right here in Lake Park, for what has been underway nationwide. There are people and organizations and well, well-funded groups who have been working their whole lives, since young adulthood, to implement plans and give rise to all manner of ill-conceived and ideological dreams, (which they freely admit to) and in order to accomplish those goals, civil unrest is needed. While reading the minutes, I witnessed part of this structure being set up in my very own town. Wow. About as close to home as it can get without coming from within one’s own household. And yet, there it was. By accepting this “free money”, we were helping to set their stage.

The American people are also being played by one of the biggest con artists in this show…the national media. They, along with the current administration and a host of left leaning groups, are fomenting division amongst the American people, dividing along lines of race, gender, and every possible persuasion, all the while lifting themselves up as great paragons of tolerance and caring virtue. Add to that our town’s participation one grant, one policy, one charter, resolution, ordinance  and interlocal agreement at a time, and a structure is being built. When the time is ripe, all the footing needed will be in place, not only here in our community, but in communities around the nation, making for a large swath of the country to become a ready stage for what will unfold. Someone will step out onto that well-established foundation and make their move.

That time may be closer than you think.

And then there was the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The dangerous behavior by the media in this case has promoted a false narrative and furthered the mob mentality of those who live and prosper off of inciting racial division and stirring up hatred. They discovered in the Trayvon Martin case a perfect opportunity for exploitation. And they are playing it for all it’s worth.

So let’s go back to a snippet of the discussion from the meeting of June 1st wherein Ms. Longtin begins to question the odd condition she found while dissecting the grant which was up for a vote.

Does anyone else find this a bizarre condition of a grant? Did anyone consider the ramifications in light of what has been happening nationwide for the past many years? As is often the case with questions brought up at town meetings, the issue in question got sidestepped. The discussion shifted and by the time it becomes apparent, residents are not allowed to speak in order to bring things back around, even if they see something important that needs to be further addressed before a vote. Sometimes there is one shot at catching a fundamental transformation, and once that’s gone, too bad. The foundation is already altered. The money is hot on the presses and on it’s way into our hands, and the conditions to which the town agreed are set in stone. Done. Such is the case with this grant. Our town traded one of our freedoms in their ever-consuming lust to get something for free. I can bet that not one person knows what they got for that money, just like they have no idea what they actually got for the library grant that was voted in a couple of meetings ago, or what the purpose of it was. They just know they got some “free” money. What they gave up, they have little clue about. This is why our town meetings are so important. Our future is at stake.

Definitions Matter

Please also note that in this exchange that I have posted from June 1, 2011, Attorney Baird states, in regard to excessive force, and I quote: “there is no way to provide a definite definition of the term because it depends on the circumstances in that case.” What?! If there is no standard and no definition and everything depends on circumstance, then that my friends puts us in a mighty compromising position whereby whomever is in power can “define” situations at will, and this is something we have been seeing more and more of. No standards, no absolutes. The erosion of rule of law, of history, tradition and standards, which is dangerous territory. We saw it this week in the Surpreme Court’s deliberation over the Healthcare law. Definitions are vital. Everything can hinge on knowing the definition of what you are talking about.

Excessive Force

Anyway, back to the excessive force condition. Why would it matter that excessive force not be allowed in the case of non-violent civil disobedience in a specific housing project within the Urban Entitlement County designation? Consider the fact that there are forces that are working to escalate tensions, to create angry mobs, to help ensure that things get out of hand, even so far as inciting riots in the streets. There are groups, organizations, well-well funded and dangerous groups, that have been working toward these ends for years and years, building patiently, setting the foundations at every turn, setting into the minds of all involved a certain hesitancy about when they can act, and when they can’t. All they need is one compelling tipping point event to set the dominoes in motion.

Under this president and his associations with the leftist community, they have made great PROGRESS toward racial division, class warfare, unrest and that fundamental transformation he was so keen on during his pitch to get elected. Few questioned what he meant at the time, assuming it was all for good. We have certainly been schooled since. Add to that all those who are disenfranchised, out of work, many of whom are fearful and angry. Add to that the skyrocketing cost of food and rising gas prices, conditions that have practically begged millions and millions to partake of the slavery that is government dependency. Add to that the power grab by President Obama in the National Defense Authorization Act, in which a controversial component was included that authorizes the military to detain American Citizens without charge who are “terror suspects” (I wonder how firm the definition of “terror suspects” is or whether it depends on circumstance.)

Why, Why, Why?

So back on track to Lake Park. (Sorry for the tangents, this story has many tentacles. It’s hard not to get off track following some of them.) Why would making it hard for the police to do their job be important in all of this? Why would that be written into a grant? Again, I ask you, who is writing the wording of these grants for the county? Consider what they are preparing for. Wouldn’t that be an interesting research project? And why do you think our town has a comprehensive plan which is, as stated by our own grant writer, the county’s plan, adapted for us at their hand? Why do they hover over us so? And why are we are always schooled to stick close to and work in partnership with the County? I suggest you begin to concern yourselves with these matters. They are affecting you and it might become an “in your face” “event” before you know it.

This headline was from just the other day. The left and the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are salivating over the thought of racial uprisings. This is what they do. Now they are using Trayvon Martin’s death to try and whip up a frenzy to get a mob mentality in motion, and they are succeeding and have employed the national media to aid them. Rally’s were held this weekend across the country, and a couple in Florida, at least, one in Miami-Dade and one in Sanford to rewrite this story in the way they want it to be perceived to further their ends, despite the facts or their lack of facts.

Pay Attention or Be Blindsided

All this to say, be vigilant. Be wary of the grants. Know what is going on, locally and nationally to see how what happens here fits in with all that is going on elsewhere. Read and question each grant, resolution, ordinance, etc., and let your commissioners know how you feel about our town being guided by the conditions within these grants. Be alert to how our town is being used to help further an agenda. Be prepared for what is to come. Know what is being set into place. There is a dire need for residents to get involved, pay attention and speak out. What else has gone on behind the scenes that we have never considered, and what has passed through our town commission without thorough inspection? Pay attention or be blindsided, Lake Park.

PS: If anyone wants to send me a copy of the Regular Commission Agenda for this week, I’ll try to get a rundown of it on the blog tomorrow. Once again, I can’t open it from the town’s site because of the size. I have the CRA agenda already, I just need the Commission Agenda. I have the agenda for Wednesday now. No need for anyone to send it. Don’t forget, there are meetings for both the CRA and the Commission this Wednesday night. Let’s keep watch over what’s in the works, Lake Park!