Believe It or Not

No sense going cross-eyed. Get out those glasses if needed, perch them firmly on the end of your nose and settle in to peruse this week’s agendas. (I know, I know, some of you have much younger eyes than I – well, good for you! If so, put those youthful eyes to work and get reading!)

Another CRA Meeting and Commission meeting are on tap for Wednesday night. The CRA meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and the Commission meeting will follow.

This week the following will be discussed at the CRA Meeting:

After the usual beginnings to the meeting, here is what’s up:

Read more about each item by clicking here for the full agenda for April 4, 2012.

The agenda for the workshop next week on April 11th is also included (see also below). I don’t see any speakers on the docket to offer the “let’s get rid of the CRA” perspective. This should be added. After all, abolishing the CRA seems a valid consideration, especially in light of the number of folks in town I’ve spoken with who favor putting a compassionate end to this entity; yes, the one that also has a highly confounding and inexplicable means of financing. I see that a statement of the financial status of the CRA will be given at the workshop event on the 11th, but I think residents would also like to receive an explanation of the financial workings of the CRA. Their financial procedures are puzzling to say the least.

Unfortunately this workshop seems to have been co-opted. The original intent, if I recall correctly, was to have a workshop with residents and business owners to get their input in regard to the CRA and what we would like to see happen, etc. Instead it looks like it has been turned into a weighted line-up of CRA cheerleaders who are going to come in to tell us how great CRA’s are and their plans to keep us “moving forward”. Sounds like the plan is that the residents and business owners will be spoken to and “told”, rather than listened to and “heard”.

After the CRA Meeting, there will be a regular commission meeting. Here is what’s on tap for that meeting:

Click here for the full commission agenda. If you can, please check it out. There is quite a bit in there, but I just didn’t have time to get my thoughts down about everything.

Just a Few Bins in the Park?

Don’t count on it. There’s set to be a vote on a “test recycling program” by the Solid Waste Authority in conjunction with the American Beverage Association and Stewardedge USA. I read what was planned and saw their objectives…so I looked up Stewardedge USA. Wow, talk about eye-opening. Lo and behold, it’s your typical progressive, PROGRESSIVE, PROGRESSIVE!lefty organization that promotes of course, SUSTAINABILITY and all manner of environmental pushes to change, change, change our behavior. They are also a Canadian company. Oh great, now we are being guided by the Canadians.

Click the image to get to their website

Starting Points and Test Programs

If anyone cares about the implementation of programs that create a starting point for more and more government oversight about things such as how much recycling is done, blah, blah, blah,(read, behavior modification!) feel free to come to the meeting and let the powers that be know your thoughts. These types of programs are just the starting point for more to come (I don’t have to wonder or assume that – it says so right on their website), but no one does anything in the early stages because what kind of “hater” would oppose taking care of litter and putting cute little recycling bins in the park? So those in office will jump on the opportunity to look responsible, like good stewards (more words co-opted and abused by the progressives and environmentalists), and our town will be sucked into the sustainable undertow along with countless others.

This company bills their “test program” as something benign like what you find in Tab 9 of this agenda: Solid Waste Authority Decorative Recycling Containers for Parks.  What a crock! Why doesn’t our town get honest and tell us what they are trying to sneak in here…SUSTAINABILITY! If you have forgotten what the problem is with sustainability, see my post on What is Considered UNsustainable? for starters. From the agenda, Tab 9 about the objectives of this program:

You’ll see it’s not merely a program to put decorative containers in the parks. It doesn’t end there. This is a test and behaviors will be assessed. Ahh…I always did love having my behaviors assessed… don’t you? and by joining this program, we as a town agree to certain responsibilities and we get sucked into the system. The title for this section of the meeting is deceptive. Read the whole agenda…always. You CANNOT tell what’s written therein by the description placed on the list. We should read the agenda just as we should read grant conditions, as discussed in yesterday’s post.

One thing leads to another

Think I’m an alarmist? Ever hear about Lake Worth’s nanny state recycling program? Such things come in stages. They have to start somewhere. First it’s just a test program with bins in the park to make sure we are being responsible and good stewards of the earth (don’t even get me started), then it gets expanded. Next thing you know, you have something like this: Lake Worth to Keep Electronic Tabs on Recycling. Ai, yi, yi! Come on, guys, let’s learn from what is going on around us.

Seriously, you all. I couldn’t make this stuff up. You probably think, there she goes again…but I’m just telling you what’s happening. It’s like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, some days. Well, start believing it. This stuff is underway, and if you read the article I linked to about Lake Worth, you’ll see that they are calling their recycling spy program a one year pilot test. Uh, huh. Sure. Run for your lives, Lake Worth residents. And Lake Park, you keep watch and read your agendas thoroughly! Know what you are buying into and who you are associating with when you get involved in these progressive programs to promote sustainability.

For a fistful of dollars

Then consider this…if the county gets involved and starts dangling grant money out there for such programs, you can bet Lake Park will find itself in line to sell its residents’ souls and privacy for another chance at a fleeting fistful of dollars… just you watch. The program being suggested in Lake Park this week is NOT the same as what Lake Worth is doing. I’m not saying it is…I’m just saying, keep watch. It does appear however, by the looks of the progressive lefty company implementing it, that they have an agenda with this program. It isn’t merely about helping little ol’ us with some trash in the park. BE wise and be wary. Just about everything the government does is like a gateway drug. It starts small and eventually ends up consuming you. Be on guard.

Okay, there’s more in the agenda about the Town Manager’s and Town Attorney’s powers being limited, Army Reserve Center, the noise level ordinance and some other things, but I’m outta time. Also, the 2nd vote on the building code revision is up this week. If you missed it last meeting, all the same building code info from last week is in this agenda again. And finally the list of proposed semi-finalists for town manager will be presented. Get reading. I’m telling you, the story of our town is being written in these documents and in the decisions made at these meetings. And our town’s story is your story!

Every week I think “Okay, this week I’ll be able to coast, because this agenda will surely be a yawner”. Never happens. There is something going on every time that we need to keep watch over. You might be amazed at the insight that opens up to you when you get to reading a town agenda too. I hope you’ll give it a try.