Understanding the Latest Buzz: Urban planners

We hear certain buzz words all the time, but unless we question what they mean, the slick names for the latest trends don’t clue us in to the motives behind the so-called “responsible” behaviors we are being nudged into accepting.

Look for the Urban Labels

Here’s one such buzz phrase that you might notice often being referenced: “Urban Planning/Urban Planners”. What is it/are they, and why should we watch out for the various “Urban” labels? I suggest you look into it and get to know the concept. You might be surprised at what it entails. We hear the “urban” word thrown around a lot in our town, and we’ll continue to hear more and more about it because that is part and parcel of the “green” and “sustainable” ideologies, ideologies espoused by the county and many in the government realm. Since the county has been so kind {cough, cough} as to provide us their comprehensive plan to work from, it has become part and parcel of our town’s plan too. There are a lot of goodies in there, gifted to us by the county. But you’d have to read the plan to find out what it is we are getting.

What’s the Buzz?

Unless you have an understanding of it, this stuff will go in one ear and out the other as just one of today’s hot topic “buzz words”. Give some thought to the concept behind it and the actions being taken because of it. The quest is to modify your behavior (and we heard about some behavior assessment at last night’s commission meeting in regard to the additional recycling program we just signed onto, whereby a firm will monitor our town behaviors in regard to recycling in town parks. Nudge, nudge. “Oh look, pretty recycling bins! Lake Park is so responsible.” Now we’ll have to wait to see where this program takes us next.) There are ramifications to what we sign onto. All of this isn’t benign; it has meaning…and it’s coming to the street where you live. Well, it’s actually already headed down the street where you live, and once it gets nestled into every possible nook and cranny, you will have far less say over many traditionally held liberties you have come to enjoy and expect. We have only just begun to see the scenarios in which this will play out. Think, “loss of freedom”. But if you’re okay with that, go bury your head in the latest diversion and forget I ever mentioned it.

For Your Own Good

If you enjoy your freedom, pay attention, do a little research, get familiar with the concepts your town is embracing. They embrace them “on your behalf” whether you like them or not. After all, it’s for your own good. And it’s not all that easy to undo what’s been done once it becomes the foundation and other things are built upon it and connected to it, or once the money for it has been accepted and we sign onto the conditions that come with that money. Make the connections. Even here in our town we are being nudged into the narrow, limiting confines of “sustainability”. That’s largely thanks to our connections to the “greater government” brought to us by way of the county and our associations outside of our own town. I have a question. Why is our Mayor so hot to depend on influences, associations and organizations outside of Lake Park?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Lake Park happens to have a design plan that was created by an Urban Planning firm in Miami. The Urban Planning philosophy reflects the sustainability concepts inherent in the “earth over man” ideology, and getting people into close quarters both in living arrangements – to keep an eye on each other better – to influence behavior – as well as in mode of transportation. The push by the county for a train station in Lake Park is also part and parcel of this urban design philosophy. They want you out of your car and into public transportation… for starters. The effects of a train station in our town would be a whole ‘nother story with all sorts of other fallout as well.

And Then There’s The Money

But then, it’s about a lust for government handouts too. Sustainability as embraced by government entities is big business. Hence the rush to get in on it, no matter the cost to individual liberty.

I was oblivious to any of this for a very long time. However, once you begin to unravel the sustainable web of influence, you realize it is all tied together. You begin to know the meaning behind those responsible sounding words and who and what is are also behind it. Like I’ve said before, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Nothing is as it Seems

Oh, and PS: last night we found out that our latest super strict building code update came to us as a provision of Obamacare! Wow! That’s some stretch for a “healthcare” bill. Like Nancy Pelosi said, we wouldn’t know what was in it until they passed it. I can only imagine what else we are about to find is buried within. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, you all. Look out. Nothing is as it seems. There’s more to the platitudes and the promising social responsibility mantra than meets the ears and eyes.

Here’s a great little short piece about Urban Planners from WyBlog:

Stack ’em and pack ’em. Makes us easier to control. Because we can only go where the urban planners decide they want us to go. If you’ve got no car, and mass transit doesn’t go there, your destination may as well be on the moon.

This is why Steven Chu and the Obama Administration are leading the charge for higher gas prices while they prevaricate on the need for “green energy.” To an urban planner the car you don’t drive is the best car of all. They’ve been fighting for years against “sprawl” and “congestion” and “McMansions.” And they’re winning.

read the rest via WyBlog — Urban planners rejoice as high gas prices force more Americans to take the bus.

It’s your street, your life…just keep watch over it.