The Government Playground

The CRA Presentation is a colorful storyboard that sums up what I said yesterday. The Community Redevelopment Agency is a place of wishes, dreams and is, in large part, a government money operated playground. Literally, the money from these grants is fun money spread around like toys around a Christmas tree to bring joy to good girls and boys. Unfortunately the presentation for tonight, so far, doesn’t include information on the many grants taken, the conditions we had to agree to get them, or how many of those businesses in the CRA that we spent time and money getting grants for are now defunct, or the properties we acquired which we are now upside down on. I don’t see this presentation as an accurate assessment of where we are, however, we should reserve judgement until we see how the meeting plays out and what is said.

What I didn’t mention yesterday was that the CRA is also part and parcel of the sustainable development movement. That is evident within this presentation. Numerous plans that coincide with the sustainable philosophy are included. They promote and have a goal of a certain number of multi-use/live work spaces (this promotes behavior assessment/modification), getting people out of their cars, increasing green space within the town (why Lake Park has been buying up property in town – for more open green space, reduction in the number of single family homes and space for “green” sustainable projects), and urbanization of residential “sprawl”, because humans and their homes, cars and the made-up, but now universally dreaded ,”carbon footprint” are a drain on the environment in the sustainable world.  I can guarantee that a whole lot of people who have taken a dive headfirst into the sustainable development cult haven’t a clue what they are promoting. They’ve been drinking the green koolaid. They think they are being “responsible” aka, good stewards of the earth and getting lots of goodies for “nothing”, but what they are falling victim to is a UN plan devised some years ago and now well indoctrinated into our society by TV, news, ads and every school in the land as well as by federal, state and county governments. It is an agenda. Literally. It is called Agenda 21.

In sustainable development, Earth is god and Man bows to Earth. Man is a threat that needs to be limited. Where will this lead? Have you ever considered following the rationale to its conclusion? Or even just a bit further down the road? We are still in relatively early days. Next stop manadatory enforcement of “greening”, etc. Mandatory means you lose the liberty to choose your own behaviors. There are innumerable resources by which one can become acquainted with this upside down philosophy that the media has tweeked and twisted and promoted in schools and churches and in every store and town event to name a few. From the recycle box to your grocery store bags, they are re-educating you to comply. It’s time for some rational thought and common sense questioning rather than the mindless compliance by the masses through town agencies that usher these programs and plans into our town in rapid succession. We would do well to begin to address this for what it is. Please see previous posts on sustainable development: What is Considered UNsustainable? and Recovering a Gem, for starters. There are others.

Here’s the presentation draft. Information from outside presenters is not yet included. Please come to find out what they have to say and where this town is headed.

The town has worked hard to get this submitted in an easy to grasp and visual fashion. Kudos to those involved in putting all the information together. Let’s show up and/or watch on channel 18 to grasp the information presented, then present our concerns, comments and questions. We’ll see where it goes from there.

The workshop will be held in town chambers tonight at 6:30, and the draft copy of the CRA presentation is linked below.

Draft Copy of CRA Workshop Presentation