Just Walk On By

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~

I’ve just gotten comfy and thought I’d spend a minute discussing something that you cannot escape being exposed to 24/7. Your weight. Why do you weigh so much?? Don’t you know that’s not healthy? It’s 2012 out there! Why aren’t you following a healthier diet? Do you want to die tomorrow? You eat too much fat. You are not eating enough vegetables. The latest research clearly indicates that you cannot ignore vitamin GQ2x E. You haven’t heard of it?? Why? Don’t you care about your body? What about your loved ones? How much exercise are you getting? How many hours per day? Per week? You get the picture.

One tenth of this blather might get my attention. Constant propaganda by greedy merchandisers trying to sell the latest absolute only way to weigh 105 lbs. and therefore be healthy lost me long ago. Give me some credit. I’m an adult. Like religion, it has to come from within. If you haven’t gotten the commitment, NOTHING will work. Period.

Yet look at the BILLIONS made each year by innovative schemers on folks looking for shortcuts. What’s the old saying? They want to have their cake and eat it too. You’re overweight because you eat more calories than you burn. And along with that amazing fact, you must get off the couch and move. I power walked 5-6 days a week for more than 15 years. It was a non-thinking habit. I’d be up and into my 1st mile before realizing I’d had coffee, gotten dressed, and greeted a few of the regulars along the way. Then for no particular reason, the habit left right out the side door. Oh, I’ll walk tomorrow. My foot isn’t quite right, when it feels better, I’ll be back. And here I am.

Then last week, I was working on a project with a neighbor. We were going down the steps outside and down the last three or four, he had a bounce in his step. He’s ten years older than me. But he’s always moving. And he had that damn bounce. There I was clumping down step by step and he’s bouncing! Lot of nerve. He’s supposed to be a friend. That was it. Very soon now, I’m going to start walking again. I won’t do the three miles in 40-45 minutes, but you gotta restart somewhere. Now where did I put those white socks??