The Sustainable Mindset and Our New Town Manager

Here’s a little example of the rationale of those who want us to live “sustainably”. These are the people who believe they know what’s best for you and I and who intend to help us along toward their idea of a better way of life. Does this convince you that you need to be herded like cattle out of your supposedly unsustainable suburban lifestyle and into an urban setting?  Unsettling isn’t it?

Do you see the money grab through tax subsidies in all of this and the protection of the money flow toward these projects? They claim it’s about an all-inclusive and rarely defined “sustainability”, but don’t doubt that if huge coffers of cash were not involved, neither would they be.

This is something we need to watch for with our town leaders, especially as they seem easily lured by the potential for handouts from the government stash.

Let’s make sure our next Town Manager, and our next elected officials as well, do not come with this troubling “sustainable” mindset and the myriad ways that it will be used to manipulate us and our money. Let’s make sure the taxes we will be forking over to them to do as they please with as they run our town are not going to go toward this end.

And on that note…a discussion of Town Manager interviews will be held tomorrow night at the commission meeting regarding the process and the date.

  • Do you know who is on the short list and whether or not they are among those who have stepped into “sustainable waters”?
  • How do the candidates each feel about government handouts?
  • Do we have any candidates on the list who are worth being gung-ho about?
  • Does our commission have a plan in place regarding the contract to be offered a candidate, should one be chosen?
  • How much are we going to pay this individual and what kind of benefits will they be handed?
  • Shouldn’t these decisions be made before interviews are begun?
  • Are we ready to move onto the interview step with the candidates that have been chosen for us or should more foundational work be done first?

Whoever ends up with the job will have a huge effect on our town as did our former town manager. Stop and think about that for a moment and where this decision has the possibility of leading us, for better or for worse. The tone and direction of our town emanates from our town leadership. Do any of the candidates on the list appear to be strong leaders in the positive sense? As usual, there will be those on the commission who want to rush to put this process behind us, pick someone from the short list handed to them and “move forward”. Let’s be sure we aren’t moving forward off a new cliff. Let’s be sure wisdom and discernment are used to decide who will preside over our town in the years to come.

Please stay informed and involved in this important discussion. Encourage the commission to carefully consider the ramifications of their choices and the process by which this decision is made.

Let’s learn from our recent past, Lake Park, and let’s get ahead of the game for the future.