Remedy for The Midweek Blues

You’ve got a case of the midweek blues, haven’t you? I knew it!

It’s only Wednesday and you’d already like to just chuck it all and head to the beach, right? Life and work sure do know how to get in the way. And then there’s the commission meeting that you’ll be rushing off to this evening…[sigh].

But hey, you’re in luck. Just for you, just today, we have the beach at a glance. It’s just what the doctor ordered to calm those frayed nerves and to provide that little recharge that comes only by way of the sand, the sea and the sun.

It’s a quick trip to the ocean’s edge so you can dig your toes into the treasure of shells lying at your feet, do a little beachcombing, relish the sight of seafoam bubbling up and quickly disappearing into the smooth sandy shore and then marvel at the cloudless sky, the salty breeze and the sound of the tide gently washing in.

Then pry yourself away and hightail it over to the commission meeting by 7:00. You have time for all of it, and you won’t even have to track sand in the car.

The commission will be making decisions regarding the selection of our new Town Manager. Don’t doubt that sparks will fly at some point; they always do. In my estimation if it takes a clash of ideas to secure the right candidate for the job, bring it on.

So first, take a deep breath of that salty sea air, soak in the “calm”, and then come to town hall tonight and keep watch over your town. Your presence and input are needed.

Images by Liz Detter

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