Mystery Mail Monday

Our mystery mail sender has been at it again, you all! They have been working behind the scenes on ways to get the word out about the blog. Yesterday, I came home to a package full of business cards with the blog’s name on them. Woo hoo!

Since the rest of us are in the dark as to the mystery giver’s identity (or at least I am), let me take this opportunity to say thank you, oh, Stealthy Friend, for this unexpected and very much appreciated gift of kindness and generosity toward promoting what we are doing here and encouraging a more “in the know” Lake Park populace.

Mystery mail
How cute is that!
Our very own business cards, sweet!

If you enjoy reading about Lake Park, these colorful and happy little cards will be available to help get the word out to others as well. I’ll pass some along to those of you I know, and you can do likewise in your neighborhoods and circles of influence.

Let’s take ’em to the streets where we live

Let’s put these cards into the hands of friends, neighbors, business owners and anyone we know who might like to get a glimpse of the direction Lake Park is going. The cards could also be placed on message and bulletin boards and passed out as you get into conversations with residents at garage sales, Lake Park restaurants, businesses and even town events. If you find yourself in discussions about the upcoming election season, you’ll have a little card you can offer to point folks to the blog for more information. After all, for a small town, the colorful stories and everyday decisions being made by those in office and the town employ seem to remain close to the vest of a relative few who go to town meetings or watch on channel 18. Let’s do something about that. What they do affects us!

Together with the pens and lanyards that are left from the first mystery mail delivery, we can put this generous giver’s thoughtful gifts to good use and provide others an opportunity to become part of the ongoing story of our town.

Thanks mystery mail sender!