Is It Warm in Here?

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~

A 2005 photograph of James Lovelock, scientist...

A 2005 photograph of James Lovelock, scientist and author best known for the Gaia hypothesis. Photograph taken by Bruno Comby of Association of Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy. Original at Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license versions 2.5, 2.0, and 1.0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lake Parkers, hello again. Today’s lesson is a simple one, a very big one, and one you will never hear a word about it on the six o’clock news. James Lovelock. Would you please Google (or Bing) that name? I’ll wait. OK, got it? You see that he was the inventor and initial perpetrator of the biggest scam ever pulled on America. Global Warming.

Never was, probably never will be. Yet the leftist, anti-American, radical environmentalist crowd suddenly had a whole new topic to rant about. Global Warming.

Groups of environmental experts suddenly had something to do. Oh-my! We’re killing Mother Earth! Note: Many (most?) of these experts were employees of local, state, or federal government. Finally something to do to stay awake in front of their government computers! The rest were employed by colleges and universities and paid by an endowment by a rich (formerly alive) person who, having nothing better to do with their millions, gave it to their alma mater with vague instructions that it be used for the betterment of mankind. Global Warming.

So all these under-employed experts could finally champion a cause which blamed America for massive, mind-boggling criminal activity. American industry filling the air with carbon dioxide! Can you imagine? (Wait a minute, haven’t trees been doing that for billions of years?) Never mind facts. Liberal do-gooders never let facts stand in the way of a great cause.

Oh, but let me back up here. I forgot to tell you that yesterday Mr. Lovelock RECANTED HIS MYTH!!! This dear old story-teller just came out and said he may have over-reacted! That some warming may be occurring, but not nearly as fast or as bad as he originally swore. Please read for yourself online. You’ll have to, because as I said earlier, the liberal media either will not report this recantation, or will under report it in a way (like the dear old soul has gone senile) so that the propagandized millions around this warm globe will continue believing what they’ve been taught by liberal run school boards. (I have earlier ranted about the agenda filled curriculums, the non-history history courses, and our honors grads who can tell us all about Sojourner Truth’s life but not a single fact about any of the Founding Fathers.) Global Warming. It was a friend to the far left crowd.

And they’re off! Statistics experts were off to an early lead! Oh, plant and animal photographers hugging the rail and running hard! Aw-oh, the myth makers take the lead on the back furlong (entire species gone in five more years!) And coming up at the finish line, the leader drops out, so all the rest decide to keep running to lend an air of legitimacy to their story. Global Warming.

Let’s jump to 2000 AD. Al Gore, whose father, the senator, led the Southern Democrats effort to defeat the Civil Rights Act of 1960, had just lost the Presidential Election. Well, old Al needs to make money, and never afraid of putting it to the voters, quickly builds a career based on the evils of Global Warming and how and what to do, (for a small speaking fee). Books were written. More and more lecture tours were made. Al has a name again. He’s on the six o’clock news. He loves that. Almost as much as the fortune this myth made him (reportedly over $200 million and counting. He was in part a contributor to Detroit having to price itself out of the world market by government mandated pollution control devices on American cars. The rest of the world seems to never have caught on. And that legislation put out of Washington D.C. (George, I’m so sorry your name is associated with that place, I know you’re ashamed.)

It is illegal to release CO2 and the amounts are specified down to fairly small numbers! Hey let’s have some fun this afternoon. Let’s go down to the park and take some deep breaths and let them out. All kinds of CO2 there. All kinds of Federal Environmental Laws broken. I want the federal pen out in Oregon. Pretty scenery. Global Warming.

So what will the reaction be to the recantation of this scam? Will Al give a dime back of all the BILLIONS he’s cost us? Will the media say they’re disappointed? Puzzled? Sorry? How about all the latest stories about to be released about how all the ice in the Arctic is gone (it’s bigger), and the dozen or so species about to become extinct in all this heat? (Ain’t one!) And what about the schools? Will they do the right thing? They’ve been teaching a lie for decades. My bet is nothing will change. Unless some parents out there make a little noise.

I think it would be a good move to question the environmentalists. And question them HARD! What are their motives? They’ve cost us BILLIONS! Is Mother Earth really in imminent danger? Why does Hollywood only scream when an American tanker sinks? Not Spanish, not Japanese. Why is Global Warming an American crime? We’ve got the strictest pollution standards on the warm planet. Why isn’t Green Peace picketing a Russian plant with heavy smoke billowing out the stacks?

I know that as you read this, by now you’re thinking that poor old Jim has gone ‘round the bend. That is due in great part to the training and propaganda you’ve been subjected to most of your life. Shake it off! Why is a person a good person if they recycle? There are companies making fortunes manufacturing all the blue and yellow bins. Are they really having an effect on “Mother Earth”? Do you know how much oil it takes to make all that plastic? I could go on, but the room suddenly got too hot.

I’m going to go cool off…