Morning Has Broken on a New Week in Lake Park

Okay, it’s dark, dreary, rainy and windy as heck out there today, but we can still imagine this scene, right?

There are another couple of meetings on tap this week, so for a little inspiration, I’m posting this image sent to us courtesy of George Tanguay. I thought we could use a calming scene to put us on an even keel while preparing for this week’s town meetings. I suggest clicking on the image to enlarge it for full effect! Better yet, get out by the water for a little one on one with God’s beautiful artwork in person (if the weather improves or not) and take in the accompanying sights, sounds, scents, the wind in your hair and the salt in the air. Being at the water’s edge has a way of soothing the soul.

Once you take some time to breathe deep and get yourself on an even keel, go ahead and get your game face on…because it just might be another long night this coming Wednesday.

There will be both a CRA meeting and a Commission meeting and the action will begin at 6:30 p.m.

CRA Meeting

Click this link for the CRA Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, May 2nd

First there will be a presentation of the Community Development Corporation, then the mic will be open for public comments. After that, the following will be discussed:

Kudos to the Interim Town Manager, Jamie Titcomb, because it looks like some of the concerns residents have brought up will be discussed at this week’s CRA meeting. See numbers 4, 6 and 7 on the agenda above. Each of these has been addressed by (and/or worked on by residents) and it will be good to get some resolve to some of these issues.

However, what is listed as # 6 above is actually missing in the agenda discussion. You’ll see what I mean if you view the full agenda. Perhaps they will put out an updated version of this today.

Commission Meeting

Click this link for the Commission Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, May 2nd

There you go. I hope you all get an opportunity to look through what’s up for discussion and possible action this week, ahead of the meeting. Let us know your thoughts and ideas here in the comments. Maybe that will spur some more interest in the meetings and the topics to be discussed.

Hold onto your hats, it’s crazy windy out there, and have a great Monday everybody!