The Season

Well everyone, the season is upon us. And by “season”… I do of course, mean “year”. You know which season lasts a year, right?

No, not Summer in Florida, although, technically you’d have me on that one. What I’m referring to is the election season [oh joy]. I know, I know…(Summer and election years are both seemingly never-ending.) But guess what…there’s more; in Lake Park, we’ve actually entered into our own election season/year on top of the national elections coming at the end of 2012. This calls for a new level of attention to what is going on over at town hall and a dedication toward unraveling the mindset of the elected officials who are calling the shots on what will come of our town, and as a result, what becomes of us. Some of them will likely be running for office again.

And just like South Florida is blooming with color , Lake Park’s election season is really starting to blossom as well.

Be attentive. Watch for signs of “flowering” election campaigns that will be popping up on commissioners’ blogs and from the dais at commission meetings.

It already appears likely that some may have made their decision to give it another go. Time will tell.

Please remember that what town commissioners do affect all of us. Their words and decisions open our wallets and our homes to their interference. We have our vote on election day and our voice in the public square. Not only do we have a right to keep watch, but we have that responsibility as well. We must be fully aware of what our elected and unelected town officials are doing, be willing to discuss their decisions, keep checks on them and speak out when we feel they are taking us in the wrong direction or acting in ways that are counterproductive to our town. Since we DO have the voice of our vote at election time; we must use it.

Now, each of these town officials is free to vote and speak as they please; they are entitled to their opinions and they share them regularly, taking as much time as they like to do so from the dais (and some are afforded more time by the mayor than others). It doesn’t mean we have to like that speech or agree with it or like what those ideas bring to our town. Furthermore, just as commissioners are free to voice their opinions, so are we. The difference is that we get only 3 minutes at public meetings.

This is why we have the blog. Please feel free to stop by and give us your two cents from time to time. This is our forum to speak on matters that do not get much resident input otherwise.

In the meantime, watch and listen what goes on in the town square. We will soon be discussing each of the commissioners, breaking down their performance, perhaps, and discussing who plans to run for office in the days, weeks and months to come. We haven’t received official word of any candidates yet that I know of, but there are signs that indicate who may and may not want the job this go round among those already seated.

Remember that we do have options… one of which is the opportunity to run for office ourselves.

So, gang, what’s the plan? Does anyone have it in them to run for commission this time and represent the Streets of Lake Park? Do you all see how overturning one seat on our town commission could make all the difference in the tone of our town? Imagine bringing some common sense back to the decisions being made and the direction of our town government. Imagine cutting out all this nonsense and political hackery and just focusing on the basics! Imagine getting the government out of the way and allowing prosperity a chance to come back to Lake Park again. Imagine what it would be like if we could nix the entitlement mindset and the government gimmes (gimmes that we are paying for, by the way).

Now imagine more than one such individual being added to the dais. Why not a majority of common sense thinkers up there for a change? Please think about it. Please think about the part you could play as one of our town representatives.

A coalition of common sense. Any takers?

Let’s bring back a positive, common sense approach to government that puts people above politics and see what what flowers with that kind of fertilizer?

What say you? Please consider this challenge! Your town is what you make it.