We Join Forces

We have opinions, yes indeed. We argue and even fuss and fume and blame and roll our eyes. We stand upon principle and take one another to task. We dig in our heels when called to stand our ground. We smile with satisfaction when we’ve been proven right, and we relish our triumphs, no doubt. Yet when trouble comes, we WILL join forces. An enemy from without will have to make it through the whole stubborn lot of us. We don’t take kindly to threats against our turf.

The enemy from within is another story. The ones who sneak into circles of influence and drive wedges and plant deadly time bombs from places of power must surely be rooted out.

Common sense will tell you that you have to watch to catch them. Those who work to subvert do so on the sly. You have to want the truth to find it. It will be masked behind words and policies and a carefully crafted facades. Plans and procedures will be called by slick names that hide the truth of intent and the outcome of their implementation.

No political correctness

No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I ask, “How bad do you want it?” Are you willing to participate in the clash of opinions? Are you willing to hold the leaders of our town and our nation to the highest of standards? Are you willing to watch their votes, weigh our leaders words against their actions and call them on it? Are you willing to consider what’s going on behind the proclamations of civility (and the wording therein), water conservation, do-good environmental programs and the turning of our town government into a charity? Are you watching and aware when “the children” are used as political pawns? What foundation is being laid in our town by seemingly benign declarations made in the name of political correctness? What will be built upon that foundation in days to come?

What is being wrought by the conditions worked into the fabric of our town through the acceptance of grants? What do our town leaders believe about the role of government, and what are their votes doing to work those beliefs into our foundation? What have their votes brought us, what have they taken from us and what are they aiming us toward in the future?

The success of Lake Park as a town, and for us as individuals who are governed by the Town’s codes, etc., will not come without sheer tenacity both in attentiveness and willingness to dig in and make suggestions, offer alternatives and stand our ground. We must stubbornly hang on to our principles.

But what are YOUR principles? What do you hold onto as the standard by which you measure the way things should be? If you don’t know what you believe, these things will be decided for you by those with a microphone, a vote and the power to lay a foundation of their choosing. It’s time to do a little soul searching, prepare ourselves and then get out there and fight if need be.

Decisions are being made around us and within our own town, county, state and nation daily and weekly. Where we end up will depend in large part upon those plans, choices, and votes. It’s time to solidify the ground upon which we stand as a town. Please consider joining those who are watching, speaking and doing on behalf of Lake Park. Consider what you can do to make Lake Park a place of personal prosperity, individual responsibility and freedom to thrive without interference.

Pay attention, come to town meetings, watch the votes, contact your commissioners. Get involved in the discussion on this blog through the comments and speak to your neighbors. Feel free to contact me by email at commonsenselp@yahoo.com if you have something to submit to the blog. We welcome input from residents and will consider your submissions for “print”.

Image courtesy of George Tanguay

Thank you for reading, and thank you for taking part in our quest to make sure Lake Park can once shine as the Jewel of the Palm Beaches.