Political Correctness and Civility

Dear Questions Authority,

Let me speak to your comment on yesterday’s post. Since my response would be too long for comments, I’m posting it here.

Rest assured, my statement regarding political correctness was not referring to being polite, respectful or accurate. I never stated or intended to insinuate that. These are qualities I find valuable and desirable. It was also not my point to suggest that “rudeness is honest and courtesy is not” as you stated. I’m not sure how that could be read into what I stated, but if that’s what what you felt was being conveyed, I obviously failed to communicate my point.

No political correctness

No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe that political correctness IS indeed dangerous, and it does lead to a weakness among the people. It’s purpose is to prevent people from taking a stand; it stifles clear thinking and silences those who, out of fear of violating this politically imposed standard, might otherwise speak up. In order to maintain a politically correct appearance, they may shrink back, out of fear of violating the dictates set by those who wield this power and set these dictates into place.

PC sets up a standard based not on unchanging truth but on any number of RELATIVE decrees. Relativity takes the place of truth in political correctness. It is a powerful force being used in our culture to ensure that the masses learn to follow along a prescribed line of thinking and that they don’t step out of line. People who buy into political correctness because they don’t want to appear, for example, uncivil, will shut up rather than stand up, shush themselves when they see trouble coming and want to speak to it, or any number of other things based on the desire to avoid the ensuing cultural shame, a system which has been set up based on the ends desired by those in power. Under PC, people can be led to behaviors they might otherwise have learned are dangerous. Political correctness teaches people not to question this cultural authority out of fear of appearing “incorrect” or “uncaring” or “socially irresponsible”, which is not a standard of truth but a relative designation instituted by power players.

My reference to the “proclamation of civility” was referring to the the proclamation made by the mayor at the town meeting on May 7th. The proclamation was nothing more than political correctness being ushered right into Lake Park in full view and offered up for a vote. What was the point of the proclamation? What did it accomplish? It was actually meaningless, except as another bolster to the “watch what you say or we’ll call you a hater” meme. But who would dare point out the evil lurking within a proclamation of civility? That, right there, tells you how powerful political correctness is. To have stood and questioned it would have been “shameful”. Only a hater would have done such a thing, right?

Worked into that decree was a statement that we are a democracy. Kudos to Commissioner Longtin who called this out and corrected it. Why was that lie inserted? Accident? Misstatement? Oh, no. Political correctness is a tool of the left. Have you ever noticed how often the left uses the term democracy? This is intentional. Now, through every means possible, including civil sounding proclamations, they dumb down our society one day, one proclamation, one news story, initiative, etc. at a time. Then they retrain those who may be far enough removed from history to know for sure if something is off kilter, and they successfully train, incorrectly I might add, the children and youth who do not know enough to question the lies hidden within political correctness. This is why the left hovers over children. It makes them look caring and affords them access to all those little heads of mush, minds they can fill with their world view, all while appearing to be the good guys who are “for the children”. Hence they use children as political pawns while playing “nice guy”. It’s a powerful system they have set up and they play it to their successful ends.

So, who decides what is civil and what is not anyway? What is the standard? It is whatever they say it is and it can (and does) change as they see fit and as it benefits them. Relativism. There was no need for Lake Park to make a civility proclamation outside of politics and political correctness. It was implemented just to make sure you know they are watching you. Behave. Say the right things. Don’t call them out or raise your voice no matter how egregious their behavior. If you do, you will be deemed uncivil. And civility is official now. The standard is set. Let the self-silencing begin out of fear of what the PC crowd will mislead others to think about you if you don’t comply. It’s all working as planned.

I assert political correctness is just another tool wielded by those in power to maintain their position and increase their level of control. When it becomes public policy as it did in Lake Park a week or so ago, it has stepped over the line and is actually sinister. If this does not weaken our society and water down the power of individuals to question and act against authority that has gone awry…I don’t know what does.

Political correctness = your compliance. Your freedom is at stake. Watch and see.

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