Surprise! This week’s Commission Meeting Agenda looks about as short and sweet as it may ever get.

There will be:

  • A vote regarding Regular Commission Meeting and Special Call Meeting minutes from the past two weeks.
  • Reappointments of planning and zoning board members
  • Hedgeplant selection for downtown alleyway from 7th to 8th Street

Let’s keep an eye on developments arising out of town meetings. Even though there are only 3 items to be discussed, who knows what could arise out of these discussions or be added to the list the night of the meeting.

Please take the time to read the agenda linked to above. It contains the minutes not only from the last regular meeting but also the special call meeting of last week. The two applications for the position of Planning and Zoning are included.

See who is being considered for the seats that make the decisions regarding our town’s zoning both now and regarding plans to come. There are many things in the works or on the horizon that we need to be watching.

One of the applicants is an Urban Planner who works for the County on their Advisory Board and the other has worked in social services for 10 years in sales and marketing. Let’s think about the direction our town is going, after all it will be determined by the ideology of those in positions of power, including on these boards. Those who are appointed to town boards make “yea” or “nay” decisions that can affect what happens on the street where you live. Now is the time to have your say about those who sit on boards such as the Planning & Zoning.

If you want some insight into Urban Planning and the county’s relationship to plans in the works for our town, please see previous posts:

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If you have concerns about something happening in Lake Park or you have comments for the commission or an issue you would like to see addressed, a night with a light schedule such as this week is probably a good time to bring it for consideration.

It won’t be long before the budget process will be underway as well. Thanks to Sue Lloyd’s diligence, we are aware that there are contracts which must be addressed and renegotiated or rebid well before the date of contract-end in order to have time to put it out to bid, such as a town cleaning contract and a landscaping contract. If this process is not already finished 30 days before the contract is up, these contracts (which are costing our town quite a lot of money) will automatically renew later this year, and we will lose out on the opportunity to do anything about them again for a long time. This is our opportunity to tighten up sloppy aspects of the budget and contracts that are causing so many concerns.

Keep watching…keep guarding your town. Come out and keep an eye on your Lake Park.