The State of the Town?

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~

Mayor DuBois gave a speech yesterday at a Kiwanis meeting at Cardello’s Restaurant on the state of the Town of Lake Park. Those in attendance (including a current Town Commissioner) who were able to stay awake heard nothing new. It was an oft repeated defense of the big tax, big spend agenda that Maria Davis, former Town Manager, dictated, and that (because of her Herculean efforts to get the Three re-elected) they still vote with their 3-2 majority to continue her agenda. (A note here… when I refer to the Three, it’s DuBois, Stevens, and Rumsey, who vote to continue her agenda, but more later…).

Image courtesy of Brent Headberg

So, as the latest and biggest item… at the end of the commission meeting Wednesday night… during what was supposed to be the lawyer’s comments… he casually mentioned that it was his pleasure to announce that a tentative agreement had been reached with the other side in the years long lawsuit over the faulty workmanship on the marina… and that after at least a cost to the town of over $2,000,000 in lawyer’s fees and engineer’s fees, this regime was willing to settle for $880,000 !

Let us back up and try to swallow this as we might an extra large bite of pizza with anchovies, mushrooms, and pepperoni only half chewed and without any extra spit. IT AIN’T GO’IN DOWN! This lawsuit soundly based on shoddy workmanship (go and walk the expensive brick paver perimeter of the marina) has been in court 4+ years and our pitiful legal representation (hired by Maria Davis even though we already had a town lawyer) was only able to come up with this?

Mr. Mayor, why did you not discuss this? This is a travesty to the taxpayers of our town. And then, you enjoy a vote (as mentioned earlier) of 3-2 no matter what the topic. So now (months too late to affect Ms. Davis’ changes to our town) I asked the mayor about the current commissions change to town law regarding votes required to hire/fire (for example) a Town Manager (by a simple majority vote), and his answer was, yes, but it gives us the ability to fire by 3-2 vote as well. Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor… will you not ever admit that Maria is still reigning supreme? It is beyond me how thousands upon thousands of voters seem to just not get the GIGANTIC PUT ON ! Voter apathy and ignorance has got to be at the base of this arrogance!

Let us hope a new day is coming.