Social Responsibility – The New Morality – Part 1

Anyone notice we’ve gone from a nation of God-fearing rugged individualists to a nation of earth-worshipping, unthinking and compliant communalists, and we did it as quick as Carter Oosterhouse learned to say “eco-friendly”. (He’s an HGTV host, for those of you not up on your home shows.)

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It doesn’t take much to get people to make the switch from true moral obligation to faux social and political responsibility. For many who have been brought up without faith in God and weaned on the public education system, raised under the influence of Hollywood and who now go through life glommed on at the eyeballs and the fingertips to the internet, they are putty in the hands of those who want to adjust a nation’s conscience. For many, their worldview is being altered daily, moment by moment, and they are none the wiser. A new morality is everywhere now just like the family Bible, common decency, a firm handshake and the pledge of allegiance once were a given.

Where neighbor-moms used to step in to keep an eye on the antics of neighborhood kids, we now have social compliance monitors (think the hall monitors back in elementary school, who with their pencil and paper in hand, took a certain delight in the newly discovered power at their fingertips. So it began.) These monitors of every incarnation cluck their tongues and hand out social demerits to anyone and everyone for what they perceive as eco/social/political misdeeds. It hasn’t helped that the force of the presidency is now behind the further transformation of those who have been set up to fall in line. It’s called the fundamental transformation of America and it requires the population be dumbed-down first so they can easily fall in line. For those who weren’t previously led astray, the coordinated and concerted efforts backed by the full force of the United States Government is now at their service to pick up the slack.

Now, we all know how to avoid those who ring our doorbells to try and sell us something we don’t want. We are adept at screening calls to avoid becoming the victim of a telemarketer or some such hustler, but how many go right on to then to invite the cesspool of primetime TV (or just about any TV) into their home and allow it to redefine their thinking and set the premise for not only their outlook, but for the norms of society as well? How stupid can we be?

How many question the blatant lies, the manipulation of emotion and the arrogant dismissal of the truth that comes through the majority of TV news? How many bother to question the voices preaching what is or isn’t acceptable public discourse? How many ask, “why?” or “what does that really mean?” “Is that the whole story?” “Are these facts or a just a carefully crafted storyline to lead us to their conclusion?” How many ever consider the standards and beliefs of those whose voices they give their ear daily, hourly, moment by moment? How many consider how those beliefs play out in their “newscasts”? Who are these so-called “elites”, the “academics”, and what is it they’ve been studying that we should set them on a pedestal? What do they believe and what do they base their notion of right and wrong on? How much of their premise have you fallen for? How much has defined you?

So, what is your standard? A standard that changes isn’t much of a standard.

Are the so-called elites who lead you toward their political and social conclusions on TV even Biblically literate? Don’t wag your head as they’ve trained you to do. The Bible is the basis of our American legal system, it is the basis of the codes of ethics that have governed for centuries, the basis of the common order by which our society has functioned since its inception. Yet we are now being led to believe that to follow it (even mention it) is shame-worthy, quite the faux pas, and those who base their principles upon it are somehow backward or narrow-minded. To mention it is the equivalent of not only wearing a clown nose, but then perhaps even taking it off and shoving it down someones throat… and it is now considered demeaning, restricting, hateful… pick just about anything…there’ll be an offense for that in relation to God’s Word. It’s been a planned mode of attack for at least half a century.

And if we believe those in the media spotlight, we would definitely keep true morality as far from our schools and our governance as possible so as not to “offend” or “impose” our supposed condemnation or our “narrow views” on anyone (especially if they are, ew… “religious”). [Gasp] Yet, we’ll turn on the TV and allow the most vile and offensive programming into our home, programming which descends deeper into the pit every week, and we call it entertainment. We pay a hefty sum for it every month and idolize those involved, never concerning ourselves with THAT offense, THAT imposition, and the ramifications of it.

We’ll turn to the teen behind the counter who’s appearance screams the need of a good psychologist or a whole lot of attention and never bat an eye as they prod us toward their green morality, a sustainable pledge or the latest community do-gooding so that we will be what someone else has decided means we are good stewards. Or perhaps they just want us to give them our cash. Funny, but good stewardship, as I was taught it, was to use our resources to honor God and do his work. It was a mandate from God, not from the state. But “greening” and “transformation” are well underway now, and hoards of people smile at the new social morality, the new America and fall dutifully in line and believe themselves absolved of guilt.

So too many in our nation turn away from faith in God and the power it gives us to order our lives and to live with purpose and make a difference personally, and have given themselves over to the causes of the day. On top of that, the education of our children has been given over in large part to what is being taught in our school system by individuals who do not know or teach the truth, like this,

or at the neighborhood daycare or the local government program where generations are molded into those leader’s likenesses or the likeness of the teacher’s union, aka the ideology of the left. Do you even know what those with whom your children or grandchildren spend 7 to 10 hours a day, sometimes more, believe? Do you know what they are pushing on your kids and your grandkids? If they aren’t indoctrinating their pupils toward socialism and a blind-following of political figures, there in their face will be another activist hawking his social spiel in every manner and form, from the local town dais to even many local church programs to the office policies and our restaurant menus. They’ll present it like it’s a religion. It’s as if they would have us believe they are voices of wisdom and goodness that will save our bodies, our souls and the earth (oh yes, the new god, the earth). Yet all the while their way subverts, condemns and silences the Truth that sets men free! Why are these new national moralities considered acceptable and the traditional, maligned?

To be continued… (because this was way too long for one post) 🙂