Social Responsibility – The New Morality – Part 2

~ Continued from Tuesday’s Part 1 ~

Those who have walked away from faith because they found it “too restricting” and because they wanted the freedom to live without rules or perhaps wanted to distance themselves from the guilt they feel when faced with God’s standards, now find themselves bowing the knee to a new false religion quite willingly.

Oh, the irony of it.

Our country is morphing before us into a nation of fools who have bought the huckster’s spiel, hook, line and sinker. Those who wrap themselves in this latest earth cause or buy into the latest buzz have claimed morality on those terms. Your faith be damned. Too bad that all this new faux morality is going to hand you for your sacrifice and obedience is an empty recycle bin, which by the way, they will soon be monitoring and for which they will eventually fine you for not using in the way they deem appropriate.

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The charlatans of our day are hauling in a cash cow with their green religion, just like the snake oil salesmen of old.

Shame is but another tool in that arsenal and they will use it to make the masses “right and good and just” in their eyes. They will wield social justice and earth guilt as a means of manipulation. The hustlers of happy earth goodness preach it like Sunday morning every day in every corner of our public lives, and the masses fall in line to comply without complaint even as someone else’s standards are imposed upon on them. They obey, do as they are told, all the while denouncing anyone who dares suggest a need for true morality. They cry, “get God out of government” then turn and promote the worship of the god of earth in every facet of government.

The saddest part is the lies the population is being trained to believe. Even NASCAR has fallen victim to the EPA’s sustainability mantra and will be peddling an eco-message and green products to its customers. Et tu, Brute? After crafting a well-honed standard of eco-guilt, which has been created and manipulated to move the masses into place, this new environmental/social religion is then presented as a means of “forgiveness”.

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The masses are complying quite nicely I might add, and their cash rolls in.

This new responsibility eases the minds of those who ignore, or who have failed to keep, true moral obligation. God’s way asks that we honor him with our lives. Morality and righteousness are a tall order, difficult among the lure of our visual, in-your-face world of temptation (yeah, I actually used the word “temptation” – shocker!) which is always on the job. However, to follow Truth brings freedom. You won’t hear much about morality or righteousness these days (are you offended yet that I would dare bring it up?)…you’ll be tempted instead to absolve your moral guilt by giving your soul to the greenies; because the green religion helps you feel good about yourself. So pious. So responsible. And the green gurus will praise you, too, which will make you feel so accomplished, warm and fuzzy, and you’ll be part of the cool-kid club. It’s the easy religion…a religion of simple green sacrifice, which is easy to go along with because everyone is in on it and you get brownie points at every turn. It’s reward is feel-good-ism. A hollow payout though, which you will find is never enough.

The day of environmental reckoning is coming. The tables will eventually turn on the pious peddlers of “green”. The rules they have set out for you will eventually even ensnare them. The regulations and the limits and the overarching worship of the earth they are forcing upon us will eventually trap them as well. If you play out the scenario, there is no salvation for humans in the sustainable religion. Humans are the enemy. So they will themselves have to face the fact before long that they are also one of the evil humans whose life is not as important as that of the earth.

We stand on trial each day now, and our trial takes place in the public square. It’s not God almighty as judge and jury, it’s those in line behind us at the supermarket looking over our shoulder to see if we complied and brought our reuseable shopping bag from home. It’s the office “volunteer” organizers who will decide your right standing by the service hours you donate to the office cause, which will most likely be environmental. It’s the town commission who will use their place on the dais to get your participation in their cause for the children and the “sustainable” efforts to save the town or the proclamations of civility the town has signed onto, and they will do it publicly. Heck, they have done so already just recently in Lake Park. If you don’t comply with their causes, then you are among the “new heathen”. Oh, they may not say so outright, but you will be well aware of who has been “naughty” and who has been “nice”. They have been known to point out, with a certain tone, who has fallen in line and who hasn’t from the dais, even in recent days.

You are probably already made aware many times a day of the “green sins” you are committing out there in your daily doings, and little by little you hardly even notice you are being molded into a prescribed image through your compliance to the decrees.  The ledgers are being marked for future reference. Eco-monitors are everywhere taking notes and taking names.

  • Did you bring your own bag when shopping? Check. Smile. Social approval.
  • Do you want your receipt printed or by email? Email, you say? You have spoken well.
  • Will you pay online or squander the earth’s resources by using a check? A check? [Tut-tut…a clucking of the tongue. You have been very bad.]
  • Would you like to donate to our save the earth, dogpark, whales or community garden today… AND you’ll sacrifice for the children? Double bonus? Your place in the club is secure.
  • Did you volunteer at the latest town government endorsed charity or community event? No?! For shame! This has been duly noted and will be used for your condemnation at a later date.

Groups like Media Matters openly admit to opposing Christian-based institutions. They know that churches are among the most trusted in the country. They know that people of faith are people of power. So they seek to discredit them, they intend to swap America’s source of decency and personal empowerment through the power of God for that hollow system of feel do-good social responsibility as they define it, sustainable compliance, government handouts and dependency. Undermine what is good and right, turn public perception upside down, and you will have the people at your mercy.

Yes, you are on trial, and they will NOT look at you through the standard of the righteousness that comes from God as a free gift (which you can’t EARN even if you swear off unnatural fibers and eat only grub worms you harvested locally from a free range farm on a third world commune where children are worshipped as gods). You see, God’s salvation is free. Not so with the environmental earth religion. In the eco-religion you are tried by your works, the works deemed proper by their relative standards, global standards, set in place by the distant dictates of the money and power-hungry few, a consensus of opinion emanating from where exactly? And they will be public about your “eco-sins”. No, not about their own heart and soul of corruption, but of your compliance to their mandates, or lack thereof, which they will use to set their standing and power in stone. In the public square of your community, anywhere you face a TV, the internet, an ad, a teller, a sales person, a town mayor, a clerk or attendant, you will be forced to comply or be condemned, and it’s only going to get worse.

Christ comes that you might have life and have it abundantly. He gives and asks only that you believe and accept that he gave his son as a sacrifice that will cover your guilt-producing sin. He is the way to God, and you can’t earn your place with him in eternity even if you try, though many are misguided into trying. In Christianity you don’t earn your salvation, it’s a gift. It’s a hand held out to give you salvation based on faith, not a hand held out waiting to take and force compliance.

Not so with this world’s new false global religion. It’s hollow, empty and it will require your body, your soul and your freedom. Choices are being stripped from you. Demands are being imposed. The false choices are being set up so you must comply or face communal chastisement…and that’s just for now. It will only get worse from here. If you think you are being led toward some utopia through this “responsible” life, you are in for a rude awakening. Look how far we have come already and the upside down world we are living in. Your choices are narrowing. Your freedom to live and do as you please is being undermined.

I don’t know about you, but I like to choose. I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t like some uppity social misfit telling me how to live my life and how to find a fake “sustainable” nirvana by giving up all the positive achievements God has provided man the wisdom to attain just so I can presumably save something that is already in the creator’s perfect care.

So yes, print my reciept, send my statement by mail, I’ll pay by check, thanks. Take care of the earth God created? You bet! Worship it? Absolutely not. No, I won’t donate to your eco-cause du jour, and I’m not carting around eco-bags. I’ll offer my soul to heaven and my hand and money and help to those I love and those I see in need on my own terms with the discernment I learned from the truth of God’s word, as has been done throughout our nation’s history. I don’t need a phony, biblically illiterate “scholar” of lies pumping false morality in the form of the latest feel good deceit to me and calling it stewardship. I don’t need a government program to funnel my money through to “care” for people. And how stupid do we have to be to give the government more of our money so they can be a “charity” organization. Charity is a personal matter. Why would we hand that responsibility over to people in government whom we don’t know and who squander or embezzle every dime they get their hands on yet still never have enough to get the job done.

Efficiency anyone?

Nice try though. Please go peddle your socially responsible religion elsewhere. The earth is not God.

God offers forgiveness and grace as a free gift and it’s your choice whether you accept it or not. It’s called free will. Not so with the state-sponsored green religion. Compliance that isn’t already mandatory is on the way. Look back, see how your life and behavior have been altered by it already. Now tell me who’s religion is restrictive and who’s is forcing its way into your life whether you want it or not.

I challenge you to watch today and keep track of how many green, eco, environmental, sustainable and socially responsible sermons are preached to you through ads, your work, at the store, on the internet and TV, at school and in children’s community events. Then tell me they aren’t proselytizing a social, environmental and communal “religion”.

If you want real insight into the kind of people behind the “greening” of America, please check out the green party online. See the people and activities they promote. Begin to look at what is involved with all things green, sustainable, eco-friendly, environmental, social and diverse. Buzz words meant to lure you with a positive vibe. But I suggest you look deeper and know what they ACTUALLY mean and to what they lead.

10 Key “values” of the Green Party

Wake up.

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” Romans 1:25

Yeah, I quoted scripture. They’ll “preach” “go green” 100 ways to Sunday and you’ll never bat an eye. I think you can handle a line of scripture.