All the News That’s Fit to Print

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~

I guess it’s time to once again disrespect the media in our Dear Land. A few days ago more than 40 dioceses of the Catholic Church filed 12 or so lawsuits against the obama regime because of their attempt to dictate to a very large church what their religious beliefs should or shouldn’t be. What? The Catholic Church believes that abortion and/or birth control is against the will of God. This has been one of their main tenets for hundreds of years. And we live in a land which permits one to practice a religion according to one’s beliefs.

But now, in the name of political correctness, women’s rights (what rights, the ability to make or break babies at their convenience?), and most importantly, VOTES, this regime has dictated to a major church that they MUST offer birth control through their facilities. And this major church launched MAJOR lawsuits against the federal government. Was it even mentioned on the six o’clock news? Shake your heads side-to-side, class. Not a word. Anywhere. Well, Fox mentioned it, but we know how wrong they are all the time. And CBS gave it 13 seconds. The main news involved a sentence handed down to a college student for causing a suicide of his roommate for secretly videoing a homosexual encounter and then putting it on the web. Why did he kill himself if homosexuality is natural and normal and OK? Anyhow, it now comes to this.

This national media has an agenda. It is beyond question. If a story might inhibit the re-election of obama, it gets no airplay. If a story supports political correctness in any way, it is put first. And played and re-played ad nauseum. (Notice that I’ve called the media “the media” and not the “news media”?) As Rush Limbaugh said while discussing this topic, The Chinese Communists did not report to their citizens the successful American flights to the moon for over twenty years. Why? They felt it would have made them look inferior to America. Well class, we’re just around the corner from that here and now.

Ask any fresh grad in “journalism” to define that word. And get ready to stand back and laugh. The media played the major role in the 2008 election. And they’re standing by for November.

Think and vote!


PS: The Sunset Celebration has been cancelled for this month as town staff are off for a furlough day. The event is not listed on the town calendar.