What’s on Hand at Your House?

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Not only is hurricane season bearing down on us, but things around the globe are becoming iffy, threatening not only countries across the ocean, but us as well. Are you prepared for an emergency? Have you noticed the increase in food prices and are you watching global trends and grasping the impact that they will have on us in the days to come?

As stated before on this blog, we learned way back in the Boy and Girl Scouts to be prepared. How well have you carried on this wise course of action in your adult life? It only makes sense.

If you are interested in beginning to store food and supplies so you have a things on hand in case of emergency or disaster, here is a plan that can help you without breaking the bank. If you wanted to invest a little more each week, you could find your storage closet well stocked quite quickly. Little by little, it can be done. It will provide you peace of mind and a source of calm when the inevitable happens. And if you don’t think it’s inevitable that we will face an emergency, unrest or disruption in services, you may want to change your source of news and information.

The information below in the screenshot as well as the text comes from classyclutter.blogspot.com and is used with permission.

After this list is complete you will have:

100 lbs of Flour
180 lbs of sugar
40 lbs of powdered milk
12 lbs of salt
10 lbs of honey
5 lbs of peanut butter
45 cans of tomato soup
15 cans of cream of mushroom soup
15 cans of cream of chicken soup
24 cans of tuna
21 boxes of macaroni and cheese
500 tabs of aspirin
1000 multi-vitamins
6 lbs of yeast
6 lbs of shortening
12 lbs of macaroni

Isn’t that awesome!?

A few other things that I added to my shopping list for year supply are:

Cases of Water
Toilet Paper
Shampoo and Conditioner
Laundry Soap
Feminine Products (if necessary)
Stash $5 here and there in your year supply, so you have a little cash.
Also, if you have baby or toddler, you may want to include items for them such as diapers, wipes, formula and/or baby food.


In the days to come we will discuss other ideas for those interested in being prepared.

Stay tuned.