Living the Dream

~ Image courtesy of Diane Bernhard ~

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy an article written some years back by Lake Park’s own Diane Bernhard for “Living Aboard” magazine. Diane says:

I lived aboard a 40′ S/F vessel for many years.  During this holiday we usually went out to the inlet or Boca Lake (in Broward County) to spend a couple of days at anchor chilling out.  Friends with smaller vessels would raft off and we’d have a good time going from boat to boat — usually with food and beverages — and often with board or card games.

Memorial Day  was — and still is —  an important time for introspection and and gratitude.  There was a special poignancy in lying on the gently-rocking boat and looking up through the boater’s Red, White and Blue flags towards the heavens and hoping that all our fallen warriors were safe and happy up there.

Speaking of gratitude…  Having moved to Palm Beach Gardens, we would pass by Lake Park to reach the PB Inlet.  I would look along the shoreline and think if I’m ever not living aboard the boat, I’d like to live there.  That wish came true and now, years later, I am still grateful to be here.
And I’m grateful to be around people like you who provoke thought and give all of us a chance to be heard…

An article I wrote about how we came to our lifestyle was published in “Living Aboard Magazine”, which is now part of a larger magazine called “Latitudes and Attitudes”.

Image courtesy of Diane Bernhard

(To read the article in a pdf version that you can enlarge, CLICK HERE)