Staying on Top of Things

~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay ~

With thoughts of Summer and vacations, and as things hum along a bit smoother these days in Lake Park, it’s easy to let things slide and figure all is well in our fair waterside town. They may well be, but there are still issues being brought up at town meetings that will affect us, and it only takes turning our backs for a short time for things to get out of hand. We still need to stand guard and keep an eye on what comes up for discussion and a vote. We don’t want to turn around and find unwanted things have been set into place because we failed to keep watch.

The agendas for this week’s CRA and Commission meetings are available. Here are the links and a screenshot of each agenda:

CRA Board Meeting

CRA Meeting Agenda 6/6/12

Please note that a presentation on the rail system is being brought up at this meeting. This is still on the burner. The mayor and others want this. The county wants this. Do you want this? Do you know what it means to Lake Park? Do you know why they are pushing this? They even say right within their presentation that we need a paradigm shift (they intend to further modify your behavior). They would like you to shift on over to their way of thinking and they intend to make it as appealing as possible to get you to do so. Please be informed on this and on the reasoning behind it. You can view the presentation before the meeting to familiarize yourself with it by clicking the agenda link and looking through the actual agenda.

You can also see a description of each item on the agenda by viewing the actual agenda as well. Why isn’t this rail system presentation being brought to the whole town through the regular town meeting? Please keep an eye on this. Become informed about the big picture and about what this will mean to our town and how it relates to the County’s Plan.

Also, there is an item on the list about a new restaurant grant, as well as a few other things. Please take the time to read the agenda (link provided above) and see what will be discussed.

Commission Meeting

Commission Meeting Agenda 6/6/12

A number of items you may be interested in will be discussed at this week’s meeting. Read below to see what’s on tap, from a resolution re: Earl Stewart Toyota, a special exception for 1430 10th Court to a new contract for disaster debris and discussion about an Independence Day celebration. Please read the full agenda (available by clicking the link provided above) for more information.

The CRA meeting will begin Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and will be followed by the Commission meeting.