Never Underestimate

Found this on the wall of a local establishment. Good advice. Hope you’ll keep it in mind and prepare yourself with knowledge and understanding so you do not become victim to the large group mindset indicative of those who allow themselves to be misled by the so-called “elites”. Media outlets, by-in-large, work to create  news and propagate talking points which lead the masses to the media’s preordained conclusions and promptings rather than truth. Be truth and wisdom seekers rather than looking for agenda cover. Truth does not have an agenda.

I may be posting sporadically for a while. If anyone has something they would like me to post in regard to Lake Park, the state of our nation, helpful information, i.e., business reviews, community happenings, thoughts on Lake Park, serious or fun, etc. please send them in. If you would like to offer Commisson or CRA meeting reviews and comments, info on upcoming Lake Park events, elections, news, town history, stories of personal interest, photographic essays or images from around town, concerns about what’s going on in town, whatever seems appropriate to our blog…send it along to and I’ll check it out and get it posted if I can. If you have images to go with your stories or information, that is always a plus. I hope you’ll consider offering your thoughts and ideas to keep the blog fresh and insightful.

Many thanks to everyone who has recently made contributions of stories, comments, photographs, etc. We’ve had more and more residents participating and that’s what we aspire to at The Street Where You Live. We’d love to hear your perspective and insight from your neck of the Lake Park woods. So get talking and take advantage of this opportunity to have a voice in Lake Park. Let us know what’s on your mind and what’s going on there on your block and in your circle of influence.

I hope you have a great Friday and a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!