What’s on the Horizon?

Image courtesy of George Tanguay

The outlook for Lake Park depends upon us. We can sit back and watch and just hope that all goes well in the days ahead (big mistake), or we can get involved and do something. Looking back at the year behind us, it’s obvious that despite the heavily progressive hand of our town’s governance, if not for the citizens who got fed up with the problematic leadership and did something, we would be worse off, by far.

However, the trouble isn’t behind us; not by a long shot. There are many proposals being considered, worked on and cultivated without much fanfare, which will have an adverse affect on our town and our way of life. There are also questionable decisions being made by the commission every time they meet. The old town manager is gone, but the progressive agenda still lives on through the work of the majority influence of the commission. Don’t let your guard down. Such decisions will continue as long as this leadership is in effect. In addition, the town continues spending valuable time and money on the CRA despite the fiscal failure it has been, and continues to be, without ever mentioning the possibility of bringing it to an end. Why is that do you suppose, especially when the dire state of the CRA’s financial affairs is discussed publicly? Why does the town continue to prop this entity up and invest scads of time, money and endless discussions on it without ever considering its elimination?

Your money is trying to tell you something!

Town budget talks are about to begin and many tales will be told as the commission gets this discussion underway. Money speaks loudly when it gets a chance to have its say. Much of that money is yours, and it’s trying to tell you something. Listen to it. It will have plenty to say about our town and how it is being run and who wants to spend what… and how much… and why. Read, think, pay attention, listen, then get involved. Let the commission know your thoughts. Attend the meetings. Speak out. You can have a huge impact on the direction our town takes.

During March of 2013, our town will hold elections. Maybe you would like to consider running for town commission. Strong, principled leadership is needed. Please consider what you can do to make Lake Park’s horizon a sweeping image of beauty.