Town Manager Candidate Interviews & Reception and Today is Flag Day

If you’ve been paying attention, you will most certainly have noticed a difference in Lake Park since Maria Davis resigned as Town Manager and Jamie Titcomb took over as Interim Town Manager. We’ve all seen the influence a leader can have, for our good or to our detriment. The time for hiring a permanent manger is here. Who will be given this responsibility next? What becomes of our town, our taxes and our way of life in the future is closely linked to this decision. It is vital that we take part in helping our elected officials choose wisely and in our best interests.

I’m hoping ALL Lake Park citizens and business owners attend the Town Manager Panel Interviews this Saturday, June 16th at 3:00PM in the Commission Chambers of Lake Park’s town hall and the Town Manager Networking Reception at 6:00PM in the Mirror Ballroom.  Wine and cheese will be served during the reception.

You can find all the information in the Town Manager Interview Workbook which is located on the town’s website at:<>.  [Click on Departments / Town Clerk / Agenda Packets / Town Manager Interview Workbook].

It is VERY important that YOU stay, or become, involved in YOUR town.  Palm Beach County boasts 38 great municipalities.  Currently Lake Park has the 4th highest municipal tax rate in all of Palm Beach County.  That is too high!  Will the new Town Manager agree that 4th place is too high and take what measures are necessary to bring the rate down?  They will if they know that is what YOU want.

Will the new Town Manager be open and honest with, and respectful to, our citizens and business owners?  They will if they know that is what YOU want.

These and other issues need to be posed to the potential candidates.

If YOU do not take an interest in YOUR town, “history” will repeat itself!
PLEASE attend and give your elected officials your input (whether they want it or not!).

 Also, Today is Flag Day.

Please observe this special day and fly the American flag at your home and place of business.