Under New Management

In a 4-1 vote last night, the Lake Park Town Commission voted to hire Mr. Dale Sugerman as Lake Park’s new Town Manager.

Congratulations Mr. Sugerman!

Mr. Clarence Hulse was voted in as alternate.

We also have a new:

  • Marina Director, James C. Hart, Jr.
  • Finance Director, Mr. Blake Rane
  • Recreation Director, Kathleen Carroll

Jim Lloyd was voted in as an alternate Planning & Zoning Committee member. The town is still seeking another alternate member. If you are interested in taking on this position, please fill out an application with the town of Lake Park through the Town Clerk’s office.

Informed and Involved

So begins a new chapter in the story of the Town of Lake Park. We hope this means good things for our town and the streets where each of us lives. Having new management, however, does not necessarily mean smooth sailing or reason to let down our guard. It’s still the residents’ responsibility to oversee the work of their town leaders and keep ourselves informed and involved. We have seen in the past the result of a town left unattended. Let’s remain engaged and active in what is happening in Lake Park.

Next Up

Lake Park’s election season will get underway soon. Keep this in mind. Principled candidates are needed for Lake Park’s Town Commission. Four of the five seats will be up for grabs. Please consider running if this is an area where you feel you could have an impact. What a difference a commission member or two could make!