Emergency Town Meeting

~ Tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 7:00 ~

Please see THE AGENDA HERE, which includes the draft employment agreement. The final employment agreement will be delivered to the commission members prior to the emergency commission meeting on Wednesday. Mr. Sugerman is making his own proposed changes as well.

Please take some time to read the draft contract & see what our town is offering the new town manager.

Here are just a few thoughts after reading the first few pages:

  • What will Mr. Sugerman’s salary be with benefits? This entire amount needs to be declared openly and stated clearly so the residents understand the totality of what is being offered. If we offer him $100,000 or more and then add in tens of thousands of dollars in benefits on top of that, in a town with a median income of $43,625*, is the amount of salary and benefits we are offering commensurate with the income level of the people being served? Our town is small. The services we provide are not exhaustive. The town manager’s salary should in some measure reflect this.
  • If we offer to pay Mr. Sugerman the remainder of his contract should he be let go, as it appears this draft agrees to do, and that decision comes shortly into a new contract year, it sounds like we will be bound to pay him the remaining year’s salary and benefits? Is this necessary? Why do we offer to do this?
  • Is this contact putting us back into the same box we were in during the time Maria Davis was employed by the town?

Residency Considerations

I haven’t gotten to the section which discusses where the town manager lives yet, but from the previous meeting, it was encouraged by Mr. Rumsey that we allow our town manager to live outside of our town. Why? This is a very poor choice. First of all, we were in the driver’s seat during this hiring process and had many applicants who were looking for a job. We could name the job and the conditions of that job. The position we are offering is well-paying with numerous perks. Why would we not set the tone and require that someone who is tasked with representing and leading our town have to live here? How can we expect someone who doesn’t live in Lake Park to feel the burdens the residents feel and understand the problems and challenges if they can pack up and leave them behind each evening when they return home? How can we expect the town manager to care about issues that they themselves will not be affected by in the same way a resident is. This needs to be discussed and reconsidered.

Please take some time to read the agreement and come up with your questions and thoughts for the commission on Wednesday night. This contract could have huge ramifications, as did the overly generous and problematic Maria Davis contract. This is our chance to right previous wrongs and start our contractual relationship with Mr. Sugerman on a strong note, not just for him but for the residents and the town who will pay his salary.

* http://www.city-data.com/income/income-Lake-Park-Florida.html#b