Done Deal

The commission came together last night for a short meeting to vote upon the salary for Mr. Dale Sugerman, the town’s newly appointed Town Manager.

A vote was taken and the town agreed in a 3-1 vote to give Mr. Sugerman a base salary of $120,000 with benefits that add to that number substantially. Done deal.

Commissioner Hockman brought up concerns about the fact that Mr. Sugerman stated in the “meet and greet” that he wanted to do more with less, yet came in asking for more for himself right up front. It was a bit disappointing and disconcerting to many residents to see our hopes for paring down salaries dashed, and it makes us wonder what’s in store for the coming days and months ahead.

Mayor Dubois felt that in comparison to Maria Davis’s salary Mr. Sugerman’s proposed salary would be less than what we’d been paying her, so he was fine with it. The problem with that is that when you base your consideration on an overly inflated standard of measure, almost anything sounds good. Faulty logic. The hope of many residents was to use our bargaining power as a town to negotiate a better deal for the town based on a standard of reality reflecting the town and it’s budget and small town sensibilities. The commission majority once again seemed to just want to “move forward” without having to do the hard work to secure the best deal possible for everyone involved, including the residents who will foot the bill.

Commissioner Longtin was not in attendance due to a prior commitment and the vote to approve the contract went forward 3-1, with Commissioner Hockman voting against the approval of the contract as proposed.

So it goes and will continue to go in a town where three commissioners run the show.

Time for an election overhaul.