White Fly Friday & A Sunset Celebration

You may have heard about Lake Park’s white fly problem, which has been mentioned during numerous town meetings. You may have also heard it has been a problem at Kelsey Park as far as the Ficus trees go, but not really considered the fact that it might have already made its way to your property.

Think again. 

This menace has been on the move and has decided to scope out a whole host of good eats throughout the yards of Lake Park.

White Fly, it’s not just for Ficus anymore.

Avacado trees and palms have now been caught in the White Fly crosshairs and this pest is likely making its abode in much of your foliage, sucking the life out of it.

White Fly on a Palm
Cluster of White Flies on Palm Branches
When disturbed, the flies will scatter from their places on the underside of the leaves and swarm the area.
Quite at home here, and growing in numbers
White flies on an avocado leaf

If you have a lawn service or do not often go out in your yard or around the perimeter of your property and therefore rarely see your trees and plants up close, and if you don’t see them swarming after they’ve been disturbed, you may not even know you have these new tenants. They are usually found on the underside of the plant leaves and are not evident from a casual glance from a distance.

With all the landscape companies going from house to house, and carting off clippings, etc., the spread of these pests is made easier and it’s likely they have taken up silent residence on your property.

Here is some information put out by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension that I found on the White Fly, and some possible remedies as well as precautions against the spread of these little buggers:

White Fly information and remedies

I saw this fellow out on a hunt of his own the other night. Too bad he doesn’t seem interested in the White Fly because he could get fat and happy off the population gaining a foothold in my yard’s trees.

Happy Friday to each of you!

Don’t forget to make your way over to the Sunset Celebration tonight.

The Sunset Celebration is held at the Marina on Lake Shore Drive. Stop by and enjoy the sights and sounds that make Florida the paradise that we know it to be. The sunset and the water will put on a silent show, and you can while away the evening in the company of some good neighbors and vendors while enjoying the food, drinks and music that are on tap. The fun begins at 6:00.