Time Flies When You’re Up Against Big Government

Anybody know what today is?

If you guessed that it’s The Street Where You Live‘s First Blogiversary, then…

Ding, ding, ding!

Give that man (or woman) a prize!

Yes, one year ago today a series of incidents led me to open my eyes and accept the fact that things had and were going very wrong in Lake Park and that I had a responsibility, not to sit and fume, but to get involved. As a result, The Street Where You Live was born. I sent the link to Jim Lloyd and asked that he forward it on to a few people he knew in Lake Park who might be interested. He heartily agreed, and just like that we were up and running.

There were already a number of individuals who had stepped up and out and who were working hard to make Lake Park better by being informed and holding the leadership accountable. They were in tune with the town and kept diligent watch over the goings on in Lake Park. These are the folks we have to thank for discovering and uncovering numerous problems as well as who was involved. Thanks to them, we’ve seen many positive outcomes over the past year.

We’ve come a long way since the Special Election of June, 2011. The challenges have many times been disheartening. The gang of three commissioners who hold the majority vote continue to cling tightly to their big government, big spend, “progressive” ideas, despite the evidence of its failure. Even so, the result of our efforts has been satisfying on many levels. Seeing so many neighbors and residents come together, become friends and make a positive difference has been fun and rewarding. While the process is still trying and frustrating, it’s amazing even just the difference since Maria Davis finally took her leave.

Once she was gone, it was as if the dark clouds lifted and blue sky suddenly shone after the sun had been absent for years. That was rewarding.  Then Jamie Titcomb came in and swept things up and worked with residents to address their concerns. What a joy. This gave us hope and a little insight into how things can be. Thankfully he also hired our town a new Finance Director who is letting math tell the tale. Numbers have a way of speaking the blunt truth without regard to anyone’s sensitive political sentiments. Let there be truth, and let it begin with math! Then let there be positive changes made to accomodate the numbers.

We watched as commissioners clashed, which gave us insight into who stands for what and why, and how it affects us. The first post I wrote for the blog is still valid today. Lake Park still faces the same big government threats that have the power to undermine our lives now and in the future, and we still hover at the brink of a cliff on many issues.

So it’s up to us to keep up the good work for Lake Park and to enlist others in town to join us. We mustn’t let down our guard. Keep watching, keep listening, and please… keep reading and submitting your ideas, stories, news and images. The Street Where You Live is at its best when it’s populated by stories from many sources, personalities and vantage points from within the community. It has been a real joy to watch as so many have contributed to the blog and given us an expanded perspective, illuminated by their experience and knowledge. We have a lot of talented and knowledgable people in town, and I would like to say a big “Thank you!” to those who have submitted stories, news, information, images and commentary over the past year. You have kept the blog fresh and lent the blog your much needed expertise and insight, and for that, I am very grateful. We don’t all agree on everything, but one thing we all seem to have in common is our belief that the Town of Lake Park needs a little more common sense and a lot less government.

Thank you to those who have contributed:

  • Jim & Sue Lloyd
  • Brent and Debbie Headberg
  • John Mede
  • Diane Bernhard
  • Ken Gibson
  • George Tanguay
  • Liz Detter
  • Rick Goodsell
  • Jorge Quintero
  • We also want to thank the mysterious gift giver who supplied us with pens, lanyards and business cards. You have been a great asset to us as well!

There are others who have sent ideas, images, news and information and who often comment and sometimes correspond with me by email, who I believe wish to remain nameless. If you are one of those and you don’t mind having your name in print on the blog, please let me know, so you can be recognized. I would love to add your name to the list so others can get a feel for all the people working behind the scenes to make The Street Where You Live a place for our community to connect! Also, if your name is here and you would like me to remove it, please let me know that as well.

Finally, to all who come by and comment, a big THANK YOU! You keep the discussion and interest going and remind us that someone is out there reading, considering and wanting to do something about what is going on in Lake Park. This blog is for you, and it’s your input and comments that make it active, timely and informative.

To Jeanine Longtin and Steve Hockman: Thank you for your attention to every detail pertaining to our town. Without your willingness to see and do the hard things and stand up and continue to speak while being told in every conceivable manner to sit down and shut up, Lake Park would be in a far worse place right now. Many would have given up by now without you two and the continued efforts you make to keep our town in check. We owe you two a huge debt of thanks for your tenacity and the dedication you give to your jobs as commissioners.

So we start another year on “The Street”. Your Street. We have a newly elected (and newly salaried) Town Manager and our input and involvement will be key in seeing that oversight and accountability is maintained over the leadership at Town Hall in the days, months and years to come.

After all, remember…we are the top dogs on the flow chart. It is the residents’ responsibility to maintain a watchful eye and speak out about the kind of job their town leadership is doing.


On another note, there is a town-wide picnic being held at Kelsey Park today beginning at 11:00 a.m. to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY. The fact that it is being held on a Sunday and begins while much of our town population is in church is a bit disheartening, in my humble opinion. If you attend, feel free to take photos, send them in later today and let me know how our nation’s independence was honored. I’ll be happy to post those submissions.

Happy blogiversary to all who participate in The Street Where You Live!