Was That 3.8 % On The First $250,000, or…

Written by Jim Lloyd

A very intelligent and perceptive reader of this blog sent in an article this morning about one of dozens (hundreds?) of secret bits and pieces of the monstrous health care bill (which has nothing to do with improving health care for the average American). It was concerning the unpublicized 3.8% sales tax you’ll be charged on any profit you may make on the sale of your home. Now before you say “wait a minute Lloyd, that’s not quite how it reads”, my point is this…there is no argument that it is an additional tax on us, no matter how it was written and interpreted.

Image Source: Freepik.com

The entire 2700 page “bill” was written in lawyer-eze so that one of the ring leaders finally was forced to admit that nobody really knew what was in the “bill”, just pass it and then maybe we can figure it out. And a main tactic of the left is arguing numbers and percentages. So let’s not argue percentages and numbers. It’s an ADDITIONAL TAX! This administration has repeatedly promised no new taxes (for those most likely to vote for them.) And it has nothing to do with health care. It’s another huge lie that the press continues to let this administration get away with.

Oh, and here’s the key. It doesn’t take affect until AFTER the election! And if you think about it for just a minute, it will affect those who have worked and succeeded… and are probably on in years. Which brings me to another stab in the back of our elderly. Seniors currently pay about $96 per month for Medicaid. Again it’s an undiscussed fact that this administration pushed through a bill raising Medicaid to about $247 per month by 2014. AFTER THE ELECTION!

Obama (my MAC wouldn’t let me keep a small ‘o’ there) is visiting Century Village in West Palm Thursday. And I’m sure most of the seniors are thrilled. Would they be as thrilled if they just knew these two facts?? The starting date for these two laws was a cold-hearted deception of our seniors. Where are their kids? Where is the press? Will just one senior at Century Village ask obama about this deception?

Sadly, intelligent and perceptive reader, this is a sign of our times. You want to know my take on it?? IT STINKS!! Washington D.C. is completely broken…out of order…non-functional. The same with most of our states (except Alaska, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and a few others). And the broken governments continue on down to the counties, the big cities, and our own dear little Lake Park. We had 400+ voters last election. (Our population is about 9,000.) And people wonder how our last town manager got away with all that she did? And why The Three gave her a $52K good-bye kiss with your money?

Dear intelligent reader, the cure starts on the street where you live. As yesterday’s blog put it, get out and do something! Elections are coming next spring. Make them answer for what they’ve done to our town. Have a backyard cook out. Talk. ORGANIZE. We cannot afford to re-elect the current national or local administrations. They never learned to balance a checkbook. (A checkbook backed with your money.)

Let’s talk…