Beware the Green Halos

Government funds are being unleashed like a mega-millions jackpot on payoff day for costly projects highly promoted as community win/wins. Everybody and their brother is out there trying to find a way to get their hands on that government bankroll using “the usual suspects”, and placing a positive spin on their efforts to secure that cash. It may be called a “jobs program” or be done in the name of “the children”, and it’ll definitely be “green”, after all social responsibility is the morally superior thing to do these days. See previous two part story on this HERE and HERE. However, those supposed green jobs and green building come to you courtesy of YOUR tax dollars.

Whichever buzz words the promoters of these projects use to garner your support for their plans, please do take just a minute to deglaze your eyes and interrupt that pitter pat your heart gets about their empathy for their fellow human beings and the earth, and follow the money. How much are they set to make for their “caring”? Where is the money for those projects coming from? What are the eventual downsides?

Time will tell, but they’re counting on your memory fading and your interest to wane. After all, it’s not likely to be about the results, at least not the kind they’ve led you to believe.

Here’s another of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas undercover videos. Uh, oh. This time somebody’s caught telling it like it really is…

Oops, I forgot to mention this comes with a language warning.

So next time your town, county, state or your president leads you toward something they claim will be good for “THE JOBLESS“, “THE CHILDREN” or “THE ENVIRONMENT, don’t forget to take a look at the pesky fact of whose money, and how much of it, their other hand is shoving into their pocket as fast as they can before the jig is up. “JOBS, THE CHILDREN and GREEN” are each individual draws, but if they offer them as a trifecta, well…JACKPOT! Now we’re talking very lucrative government funded business.

I know, I know…they do have heart for the unemployed and the children… and I should give them a break because after all…they did come wearing a GREEN HALO.

Oh. Okay then. Never mind. What was I thinking?