A Simple Answer

Written by Jim Lloyd

I naturally felt constrained to comment on the overwhelming tragedy that occurred last Friday midnight in an eastern Denver suburban movie theater. But since the leftist anti-gun loonies began their gun control rant while the wounded were still being stitched, I thought I’d wait a respectful couple of days and then throw in my thoughts.

First and foremost, the area where this occurred was a GUN FREE ZONE. They had already gotten their way there. Private gun ownership was not permitted. So let me ask them a question obviously beyond their intellect because it requires only common sense. Had citizens been permitted to carry (a gun) and someone sitting there enjoying the latest adventures of Batman who was armed suddenly noticed what was happening, drew his weapon and dropped this lunatic within the first few seconds of his rampage, would not lives have been saved? In this GUN FREE ZONE, law-abiding citizens (as always in this scenario) were unarmed and the law breaking lunatic was armed. When gun ownership becomes illegal, only the criminals will carry (a gun). How hard is that for these people to imagine?

Here I go… I’ll drag out the Second Amendment to our Constitution. They say the right to bear arms was relevant only to those times of revolution against King George III. I say it’s what’s preventing armed invasion of our country. Including our hunters, we have far and away the largest standing army of any other nation in the world (times ten?). What wacky dictator or sheik would dare attack an armed and experienced group of twenty or thirty million angry Americans? (Experienced in that they have a rifle, ammo, and know how to hit a target.) But getting back to the streets of America…any time guns have been permitted , violent crime has dropped off the charts. And where guns are illegal, murder is an hourly (oh hum) occurrence. Chicago and Washington D.C. (two murder capitals of the world), do not permit private ownership of guns. Why can’t they see this?

And second, just as with the government’s creation of an overwhelming, in-efficient, non-functional bureaucracy to eliminate bombers on our airlines, (why not just follow Israel’s example and train smart and perceptive people to look passengers in the eye and ask them questions?) why was it possible for this nut-case to buy all this weaponry without an intelligent cursory psychological profile having been drawn. In order to buy an assault rifle (for example) he must appear in front of a trained smart person and simply (under eye contact) answer this question, “Why do you need this?” Naw, that’s too simple. We’ve got two sides one hundred and eighty degrees apart; Pro Gun, Anti Gun. Throw in some politics, and as usual, you get silliness. Can’t we get some intelligent regulations above politics? I’m Pro Gun. But there’s no way this nut should have been able to become armed without infringing on my right (assuming I’m sane) to own and carry (a gun).

OK. So there it is. Once again we have a completely preventable tragedy that happened because of the disappearance of something that used to be everywhere. COMMON SENSE. COMMON SENSE ON THE STREETS WHERE WE LIVE!